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Over the past 20 years, we’ve been producing a full new collection of alternative clothing. With mostly new styles, for each season. Every summer, every winter - twice per year. Each new style was produced in limited numbers. Most styles as limited editions, exclusive for its collection and season.

As an independent designers brand, our factory is limited to producing only a few dozens styles for each collection. So producing 2 new collection per year - meant that many of your favorites styles, we could only remake once every few years…

Psylo Fashion team at our factory in Bali

Because of this, we decided this year to do things a little different. We kinda like not following the rules. Staying true to our values - we are detaching ourselves from the wheels of fast-fashion. Releasing our society from the “need” of coming up with a complete new wardrobe every 3 months - is one of our goals in educating people better about the real cost of current ways of living…

We are proud to introduce you:


A collection of few special new models. Together with many of your all-times favorites. Some styles in this collection carry small changes in details = our ‘Rmx’ styles. In which small details have been changed - answering to your feedback, in our constant efforts to improve.

Although breaking the rules, some tradition been kept alive. In a similar way to our previous collections, Psylo’s design team fueled their creativity with traditional tribal designs and culture. In this collection, you may find inspiration from African art traditions. You will find in this collection styles inspired by the Bògòlanfini or bogolan - "mud cloth". Traditionally, this practice originated in Mali, where cotton fabrics been dyed with fermented mud, to create beautiful patterns. Other styles have been inspired by various African themes - from our African elephant print, to the corrugated metal texture print.

 Photo by David Crookes/ The Guardian of Bògòlanfini mud cloth from Mali

We also keep exploring new materials. In our current production and the latest arrivals in all Psylo’s worldwide shop and online - we’ve been using more and more the 100% Bamboo fabric. This renewable, natural fabric has so many great qualities! More than anything, it feels super soft to touch… You must try it yourself!

Looking forward to learn how you like our new collection.

Feel free to get in touch or share your feedback - we would love to hear from you!

Wishing you a kicking’ ass new 2019!

Love, Psylo Team


Photos of Bògòlanfini mud cloth from Mali by David Crookes/ The Guardian. View source.


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Priscilla Lesage
Priscilla Lesage

December 05, 2020

Thanks for sharing this information with us! Amazing articles

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