Asli Designs @ Psylo Fashion

Asli Designs @ Psylo Fashion

Asli is a dear friend of Psylo, and a talented creator. After growing up in Turkey, Asli moved to Bali, Indonesia. Where local traditions of arts and crafts have been a source of inspiration, as well as an integral part of her design process. Originally a bookbinder, since 2004 she has been creating leather clothes and accessories in her unique tribal-style. She handicrafts most of the pieces herself, from shaping the leather hide to inlaying stones, bones or brass pieces, assisted by her tailor Saiful Rahman. Each Asli Design is handcrafted with love and intention;

“I am a crafts woman who loves making things from leather, skins, brass, bones and stones. I try to capture the spirit of these materials and weave them with love into each of my creations. My intention for the person who wears my art is for them to experience the essence of these materials. And if you feel uplifted when dancing in my clothes, then my intentions are fulfilled. So enjoy!!!” - Asli

The name ‘Aslı’ is a Turkish female given name. It is rooted in the Turkish noun Aslı, meaning; genuine, authentic, and the essence. The nature of the organic materials Asli works with, contributes to the originality of the designs. No two pieces are ever the same. Each Asli garment is full of those special touches, that have raised Asli Designs products to a tier of their own. To find such skillmanship in leather work is a rare thing. To find this level of craftsmanship in such a unique tribal-style-meets-futurism, is even rarer.

We are now proudly bringing you these beautiful designs again. Indulge yourself in this exclusive collection of leather bags, holster, pocket belts and purse - all you need to keep your valuables safe, in style;

Asli Holster Bag 
Asli Designs Clutch Bag Pocket Belt
Asli Designs Shoulder Bag
Asli Designs Wallet Purse


We hope you enjoy these gorgeous leather designs, brought to you just in time for the festival season.

Feel free to share your feedback in comments below, or contact us here.

Much love, Psylo Team

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