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Discover The Theme, Inspirations, and Motifs of This Psylo Release

Step into the enigmatic world of our Cryptic Mystic collection, where the essence of Psylo's signature style meets the artistic vision of international artist Ina Melnik. This captivating collection breathes new life into classic Psylo designs, infusing them with mysticism and intrigue.

Couple wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection

Woman wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection

Lost in a dance of symbolism; The interaction of the visible and invisible realms.

Man wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection


The Cryptic Mystic collection features clean and longline silhouettes that embody the essence of Psylo's aesthetic. The women's line showcases body-conscious and asymmetric styles, while the men's line adopts slim-fitting tops that elongate and accentuate the torso, paired with loose-fitting bottoms. The collection's designs are carefully crafted to create a balance between comfort and style.


Couple wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection

Confidence shines like the stars on a dark night, and in black, it finds its most powerful hue.



Featured dark outfits: Sofia is wearing the Polygon Sleeveless Mini Dress, Polygon Unisex Vest and Patchwork Gloves. Adrian is wearing the Shaman Wrap Top, Polygon Shorts and Assassin Vmix Wristband.


Couple wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection


Through each Mantra, she finds a deeper connection to herself and the world around her



Featured bright/light outfits: Sofia is wearing the Mantra Unisex Kaftan, Polygon Bra Top and Mantra Harem Pants, Adrian is wearing the Mantra Unisex Kaftan, Holo Sleeveless Tee and Mantra Shorts.


Man wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection Woman wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic alt clothing collection


Sustainability takes centre stage in the Cryptic Mystic collection, with fabrics that reflect Psylo's eco-conscious mission. Organic cotton and sustainably sourced bamboo form the foundation of this collection, ensuring both comfort and environmental responsibility.

The colour palette of the collection is earthy and muted, with cement, olive, and black as the primary hues. These tones are enhanced by fresh print accents in shades of blues and clarets, creating a harmonious blend of natural and neutral elements.

Among the key styles in this release are the Shaman Wrap Hooded T-shirt for men, exuding effortless style and versatility, and the Shaman long-line maxi dress with a plunging neckline for women, offering an elegant and captivating silhouette.

At the heart of the Cryptic Mystic collection lies the artistic prowess of visionary artist Ina Melnik. An internationally renowned artist with exhibitions in over 25 countries, Melnik specialises in mandala art and sacred geometry, employing textile techniques, digital art, and laser cutting in her creations. Creating hand-painted textile mandalas and hypnotic vector patterns, Melnik builds harmonious forms and then combines them with free-hand calligraphy with attention to detail.


Artist Ina Melnik and models wearing Psylo's Cryptic Mystic collection

Above: artist Ina Melnik is wearing the Shaman long-line maxi dress, Sofia is wearing the Polygon Sleeveless Mini Dress, Polygon Unisex Vest and Patchwork Gloves, Adrian is wearing the Shaman Wrap Top, Polygon Shorts and Assassin Vmix Wristband.


Melnik's artistry comes to life through four distinct prints that weave their way throughout the collection:

Holo print design

The Holo Design print draws inspiration from the holographic universe, universal dust, and sacred forms that restore our equilibrium. This print showcases representations of molecules and the interconnectedness of life, capturing the essence of unity.

Polygon print design

The Polygon Design print takes inspiration from the mesmerising "Flower of Life", a symbol representing the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. With multi-directional arrowheads, this print embodies eternal entropy encapsulated in the second law of thermodynamics, symbolising the union of the sacred masculine and divine feminine.

Shaman print design

The Shaman Design print delves into the realm of hallucinogenic experiences, incorporating elements from the Banisteriopsis Caapi vine leaves and the Psychotria Viridis shrub. This print embodies spiritual healing through cosmic medicines, inviting wearers to embark on a transformative journey.

Mantra print design

Lastly, the Mantra Design print brings together the three preceding elements in an intricate mandala that represents both the visible and hidden aspects of reality. With its profound symbolism, this print serves as a reminder of the profound interconnectedness and mysterious dimensions of existence.

The Cryptic Mystic collection is an invitation to embrace the allure of mystery and spirituality in your daily style. Discover the captivating styles infused with Ina Melnik's artistic vision and Psylo's unmistakable edge. Step into a world where fashion becomes a vessel for self-expression and transcendence.

Embrace the enigmatic beauty of the Cryptic Mystic collection and unravel your personal journey of style and self-discovery.

Explore this collection now and experience the mystical allure:


Unveil the hidden depths of reality through the clothes you wear.

Happy styling,

The Psylo Team


Photoshoot credits: Models - Sofia @selinaplusm Adrian @trxcaptures and Ina Melnik @_inamaha_, Photography by Theo from Susu Studio @studiosusubali, Hair & make-up by Hilda @hildawinaz

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