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June 08, 2020

“Blessed are the Gypsies, the makers of Music, the Artists, Writers, dreamers of dreams, Wanderers and Vagabonds, Children and Misfits: For they teach us to see the World through beautiful eyes. “

If you think of yourself as a bit of a gypsy, then Boho fashion is the perfect way to express your earthy, artsy personality. Psylo’s take on the trendy “Boho Chic” style is, as you can expect - a little edgy. Because we always love doing things differently than mainstream. While all Psylo styles carry various ethnic influences and inspirations, it's about HOW you wear them to express your personal style. When in the mood for Peace & Love vibes - here are styling tips for your Psylo Boho-Chic look: 

In The Flow

Key to achieving a Hippie-Chic look is by wearing comfortable, flowy clothes. Go for our harem pants or Aladdin trousers for extra comfort in style. Here are some of our most comfy bottoms to express your free-spirit (from left to right): Lay PantsSkirted PantsRay Pants, Long Necka Pants and Kimo Pants

PSYLO FASHION ethical streetwear harem pants Aladdin trousers  


To add to the flow of your outfit and your Hippie-Chic style - layer up! Our vests, kaftans or kimonos are great for adding layers to your boho outfit. Plus, you will find tribal prints or fabrics decorating most of these Psylo styles - like the Mali Hooded Vest with its traditional 'Ikat' fabric on the back, or the Indha or Kimono Kaftanshandwoven cotton in a traditional Indonesian design combined with cotton linen.... Put them on and start layering/playing around. You could also add a wrap skirt as an extra layer. 

layering Psylo fashion kaftans, vests and kimono is another great way for a boho chic look

Go Maxi

To add to your boho look, go for long, maxi dresses or skirts. Some of our favorites are (shown below from right to left) the Nana Wrap SkirtLe Skirt, and Lolo Wrap Skirt.  

psylo fashion maxi skirts and long long dresses

Mix & Match 

Combining different prints, textures or even mixing Psylo styles with Alekai's or Boho Tulum - will give you that eclectic boho style. Alekai Golden Tear's unique tribal wear is beautifully decorated with geometrical patterns in natural, earthy colours. While adding a colourful Boho Tulum style to your outfit will bring out your hidden hippie, while supporting local communities in Guatemala. 

alekai golden tear boho chic at psylo fashion

Earthy tones palette 

The colours you wear play a huge role in creating your look, and natural colours are a key element of Boho Chic style. To match your Psylo look, we create our alternative streetwear in natural, minimalist colours. Choosing unique earthy colours, such as Olive, Teal, Steel, Charcoal or Plum. As some of these colours’ names aren’t so common - in a separate blog post we went into more details about Psylo’s colours palette. Have a look here.

psylo fashion tribal boho chic

Tribal Art & Inspiration 

Boho fashion is about artistic expression of style, and drawing inspirations from various cultures has been a running theme in our collections for years. Psylo’s design team loves bringing into light stories from outside the mainstream culture and weaving them into the clothing. This can be seen at times in the cut, fabric or techniques used. In others the tribal inspiration is expressed in the printed designs. With another great way to express your inner gypsy is to mix different prints into one bold outfit. Mixing various cultural or tribal art inspirations and motifs will add to the artistic expression of your outfit.  


Big statement pieces are a must when going for the artistic boho look. Usually, naturally-made jewellery from feathers, beads and stones are obvious editions. To add a more 'chic' element to your outfit, try replacing those generic boho-style accessories with Psylo's high-quality leather belts, or vegan accessories made with up-cycled tyres. These will add a layer to your outfit and elevate it to a more classic look and a unique boho style.  

Now that you know these tips for dressing in a boho-chic style - you're invited to further explore the more ethno-tribal-hippie-chic-boho side of Psylo: 


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