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Boho Tulum @ Psylo Fashion

Across cultures, the loom symbolises cosmic creation and the tool used to weave individual and tribal destinies. From the Greek myth about Arachne who was changed into a spider by goddess Athene, who was jealous of her skill at the godlike craft of weaving. To Mayan traditions, in which the goddess Ixchel taught the first woman how to weave at the beginning of time…

Boho Tulum clothing are handmade by women from local communities in Guatemala

At the start of 2019, we welcomed Alekai Goldentear handwoven designs at our web store. Later that year, we brought you new artisan clothing - Boho Tulum. Both these brands create timeless, wearable art, while keeping alive local traditions, of the loom and hand-weaved fabrics. Boho Tulum represents women from local communities in Guatemala. For generations, they have been producing and collecting their own Cotton, Bamboo and Silk - in a fully sustainable practice;

Boho Tulum at Psylo fashion

Once a year, they go into the mountains, looking for the butterfly cocoons for their yearly Silk production. The fabrics are later dyed, using 100% vegetable and/or floral dyes. For their pigments, the women collect and use; Cinnamon, Mint, Indigo, Walnut, Basil, Eucalyptus, Curry, Coconut, and avocado. These dyes are dependent on the season, as some plants don’t give or bloom all year round. While for the fixative of these natural dyes, the women use organic banana palm trunk.

Boho Tulum at Psylo fashion

It is an almost anthropological practice; from mother to daughter, they share the knowledge and wisdom of their technique, and have been doing so for many generations. Each family has their own style and patterns - imprinting their own cosmo-vision of the world to their textiles. It truly is a beautiful ritual of amazing spider-weaving-spinning-storytelling. This limited release collection of boho-chic kaftans, ponchos and scarves supports this traditional practice.

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