Tulum Style Lookbook

Tulum Style Lookbook

The Boho Tulum Alternative Style

Boho dresses, floral kaftans, or crochet dresses over bikini, combined with a cowboy or panama hat (or any version of these two), are the usual clichés of the Tulum style. They pose a challenge for those of us striving for a unique look. One that is still in line with the boho beach style but added with punk attitude. Taking a more self empowering approach, in-particular to the feminine side, we’ve complied this lookbook. Sharing our mix of “Beach Boho-Punk” with the avant-garde Psylo touch. It is dedicated to those going to Tulum and don’t want to look like a copy of everybody else's boho Tulum style. Helping you master this particular style in an alternative way - we packed the inspirations, outfit ideas and tips. So you can take your Tulum look to the next level. By making it uniquely express who you are. You can call it the original underground side of this boho style. A Pirates of the Caribbean à la Tulum style.


Original Tulum style by Psylo Fashion
Twins wearing Tulum shanti style
Tulum style lookbook - Pieces net singlet
Man wearing tulum style
Man wearing original Tulum style linen trousers
woman wearing Kamer dress and Rain drop Tulum style Lookbook
Man wearing original Tulum style
Woman wearing original Tulum style hoodie kaftan and body adornments jewellery
twins back to back Tulum style lookbok
Tulum style Musicians
Man wearing original Tulum stylewoman wearing alternative Tulum style
Two women wearing original Tulum style on the beach
Man wearing alternative Tulum style
twins wearing white T-shirts in bamboo jungle
Woman wearing original Tulum style
Maya T-shirt
Woman wearing black braided dress
Twins wearing Tulum ALT Styles


Tulum Style Outfits

In Tulum, the tranquil beach atmosphere is layered with deep underground caves and wild jungle vibes. Plus, it is a winning combo of being a natural gem AND a kicking party & alternative scenes (more about this coming below). It’s the kind of place you’ll do yoga in the morning, go diving in the afternoon, and party the night away all through the next day. The Caribbean’s tropical climate also means that you’re gonna sweat a lot while doing it. So for your outfits, you’ll want to go for statement, yet effortless looks. The Tulum aesthetic is about embracing the beauty of nature. Channelling traditional rustic style and muted tones or juxtaposing organic materials with contemporary artwork and modern design. Chic yet laid-back looks that you can wear to work, play or dance, without changing your clothes.

The outfit inspirations we shared with you here include a variety of easy-going T-shirts, mini and floor-length dresses, shanti shorts and unisex wrap skirts. All are made from our natural, organic cotton or sustainable bamboo fabrics. The natural materials are soft on your skin and the environment alike. They’re also light and breathable, making them perfect for the climate. You’ll also find see-through fabrics and “braiding” techniques resonating that boho-style crochets & knits, just with that edgy touch. The yummy fabrics are ethically handmade by our skilled team of artisans who love their crafts. Consciously created with boundary-breaking methods, these clothing are designed to feel like your second skin. While originally expressing who you. With many of our styles designed as limited editions, the clothing you wear is guaranteed to be (almost) as unique as you are. It’s also why we suggest these looks more as an inspiration than rules to follow.

Here are original Pirates of the Caribbean, curated from real people wearing Psylo in Tulum style. References are in order of appearance:

Video>>> Paulo and João in full Psylo looks, filmed at our Tulum boutique on Beach Road. Oh, and before you ask - the music is 'Bazinga' by Ajja. Look 1>>> Klara Johanna wearing the see-through Ply Long Dress, Multi Bag Belt for keeping all valuables safe. Suggested wristband as an option for elevating this alt-Tulum outfit. Look 2>>> João and Paulo wearing Shanti Pants, paired with Maya Tee and Shelter Hoodie Tee for an extra chill look. Look 3>>> Mads wearing back-to-front Pisces Singlet over a soft Boob Tube. Funky vibes. Look 4>>> João wearing Deala Tee, light & breathable Mogul Shorts and our Vmix T Pockets Belt for keeping valuables safe, at all times. Look 5>>> Oliver wearing linen Skirted Pants at Punta Cometa (which is in beautiful Oaxaca on the other Pacific side of Mexico). Look 6>>> Mads wearing Kamer Sleeveless Dress and beautiful long kaftan Rain Drop by Alekai. Look 7>>> Uni wearing Shemesh Sleeveless Hoodie and Baba Shorts, best for the colder weeks during Tulum’s January high season. Look 8>>> Ophelia wearing Forest Hooded Long Vest and the Croc Choker, Mini Cuff Bracelet and Rings by Costume Therapy for a full-impact look with minimum effort. Looks 9+10+11>>> The three members of Qyral in full Psylo looks, before one of their electrifying concerts in Tulum. Look 12>>> Uni wearing Samurai Hoodie Wrap Top and Long Necka Pants for maximum comfort, breathability and chill. Look 13>>> Mads wearing a see-through Sin Singlet, paired with a luxurious Seaweed Belt to upgrade it for a night out. An extra layer, like the Armajut Shrug, is perfect for a breezy night on the beach. Looks 14+15>>> The signers Ixchel and Nanjing in white Tulum outfits, channelling spiritual vibes. Wearing Myanmar Hoodie Singlet & layered Le Skirt, and Onesa Short Dress. Look 16>>> João wearing Shemesh Sleeveless Hoodie and Crystal Leggings for a soft/hardcore alternative. Look 17+18>>> Paulo wearing Sus Tee and João Vipa Hoodie Tee, both in white which is great for showing off your fresh tan. Look 19>>> Klara Johanna wearing Metal Jacket and Freak Wrap skirt. Wraparounds are great beach cover-ups that you can easily slip into and upgrade your look in 5 seconds. Look 20>>> Mads wearing the Tangka Dress back-to-front (so the print is on the back), paired with the Jiko Leggings. Both showcase the "braiding" technique to give texture to the fabric. Call it alt-style crochet. Look 21+22>>> Paulo wearing Gauda Tee and Travel pockets belt, while João wearing Deala Tee and Vmix T Pockets Belt. Both with the light & breathable Mogul Shorts for an easy-going cool style.

Massive thank you goes to Paulo @pauloricardovb, João @jopaborges, Mads Paige @madspaige, Lucia Gomez Fuente @lufuente.muah, Pol Rodriguez @the.polf, Oliver @ibindui_holistic_experiences, Don Victor del Amor @vic_lopezc, Klara Johanna @rivieraklara, Ollie Lythe @ollielythephotography, Uni Kaya @uni_kaya_art, Ophelia @ophelia_overdose, Miguel, Manul & Leonardo @qyral_music, and Ixchel & Nanjing @mantranceeeee


The Tulum Scene

In the “deep south” of Mexico and on the Caribbean’s beach lays the town of Tulum. Part of the “Riviera Maya”, it is home to a unique Mayan archaeological site. It is also a natural gem with idyllic white sands, a cradling sea, lush jungles, cenotes (caves or sinkholes, part of a vast network of rivers waterways in the Yucatan peninsula) filled with crystal-clear waters and gorgeous lagoons. With so much to offer, there is no wonder why Tulum have been attracting holiday-makers and travellers alike. The stunning natural beauty of Tulum makes it a heaven for yoga workshops, cleansing retreats, shamanic rituals and other activities on the more spiritual side. While the thriving community of trendsetters, artists, yogis, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads have contributed to upscaling its nightlife. The rich local scene is every music lover’s delight. Both acoustic and electronic: techno, tribal house, goa psytrance, and plenty more, you’ll find some of the best musicians and upcoming DJs playing regularly at Tulum’s parties or beach bars.

In other words, Tulum is the perfect home for the Psylo style.


Your #1 Tulum Style Destination

Being a hot spot for alternative lifestyles and eco-conscious enthusiasts, the Tulum style goes hand-in-hand with our slow fashion philosophy and efforts towards sustainability. Sharing so much in terms of values and style, for the past 6+ years, we’re lucky to call “home” this magical town. The first Psylo shop was opened on Tulum’s beach road back in 2016, followed by the second shop opening last year in December 2021. Our third shop is expected to be opened soon. For your best Tulum wear and the best vibes in town (!!), visit our Tulum clothing shops.


Find more inspiration sources for your alternative style by Psylo's portfolio: 



Models wearing Psylo Fashion at our Tulum boutique 

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