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A couple of months ago, the production of our 20th Anniversary collection was almost ready for release, with only a few finishing-touches and styles still in the making. Like in any Psylo production cycle, it was now the time for our quality-control and packing teams to take over - preparing the new collection for release on this website, Psylo’s flagship shops and exclusive boutiques around the world. While our design magicians were already conceptualising the next Psylo styles, and our printers, pattern-cutters and tailors were getting ready to create all the next samples. 

But then, our worlds have started changing dramatically, and we all found ourselves living during unprecedented times… 

Part of proudly being an ethical brand has a lot to do with transparency. Being able to share with you “first-hand” stories from Psylo’s HQ in Bali. Giving you insights into our team’s daily lives from their work benches, and beyond.

Today we want to share with you a recent project, and just another day at the Psylo factory ;) 

And if you’ve shopped at any of Psylo’s worldwide shops in the last couple of years - you’re part of this story too! 

Because over the past couple of years, in each Psylo production cycle - we’ve dedicated extra time to create unique drawstring bags. Made from 100% cotton and embellished with Psylo’s screen-print designs. These drawstring bags are great for shopping or traveling, as they’re easy to roll-up into your bag or luggage. So perfect as an extra, reusable bag. The best thing - Money raised from selling these cool bags has been put aside to be donated to charity. And those funds raised from selling Psylo’s Beach Bags - is what enabled this recent project we want to share with you today;

In-line with local government guidelines, we had to temporarily close our Bali factory, and re-open once all new safety measures were in place. Although this was only a couple of weeks’ delay, together with the current global climate - it meant we had to slow down our production, pushing a little forward future release dates. 

So instead of a mid-summer release, we’re now working on delivering you more new Psylo styles in time for fall-winter 2020. While you should expect a special 20th anniversary restock of some all-stars from Psylo’s vintage catalogue. Slowing down our next release allowed Psylo to do what the rest of the world did - take a moment to go in. And we used it to reflect, readjust and adapt. 

Psylo fashion team meeting at our factory in Bali

When the Indonesian government finally allowed our factory, and all other businesses to re-open - it also imposed a new law. A legislation which (depending on where you live) you’re familiar with - masks are now mandatory outside of the home. Which (unless going into the current debate about masks’ benefits) - may not sound like a big deal. But if you’re living on only a few bucks a day, like Bali’s poorest - it's an expense you simply can't afford. So the Psylo team decided to dedicate our 2nd Summer production to making 10,000 reusable facial-masks. Which we donated to the people of Denpasar, to those most in need. 

To help support this project financially, we’ve used the funds raised by selling those drawstring bags. So Psylo’s Beach Bags are part of what enabled the production of 10K masks. And help the people of Denpasar go outside, regardless of their income level. As well as reduce the environmental impact caused by single-use masks. 

Your ongoing support is what made this project possible.

It’s also what enables us to keep pushing boundaries.

And how the Psylo factory can continue to sustainably support the livelihoods of 60 families (and now another 10,000 people!) in Bali.

As a way to give back also to our customer community - 100 masks were kept for you, and we’ll be giving them for the next 100 orders on this site!

psylo fashion get free fabric face mask for next 100 orders

Extra bonus for celebrating Psylo’s 20th anniversary in this weirdo 2020 ;)

Thank you for reading and for being part of the Psylo journey!

Let’s keep enjoying this ride. Together we can do it.

Namaste, Psylo Team 

model wearing psylo fashion ethical streetwear hoodie and mask

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