Psylo's Winter in Zen Style

Psylo's Winter in Zen Style

“When you do something, you should do it with your whole body and mind” - Shunryu Suzuki

As free-thinkers who believe in self-expression and in creating our own reality, the Psylo design team has been drawn to Zen teachings for a while. Zen, meaning “meditation”, is a philosophy originating in ancient East Asia. It teaches that enlightenment is the result of one’s own efforts. That following deities and scriptures can offer only limited assistance in finding one’s own path. This emphasis on the personal expression of one’s own insights into Buddha-nature, and especially for the benefits of others, echoes our own Psylo spirit of self-expression and collective consciousness.

Zen garden by Janet RamsdenAlso, Zen’s deep respect, harmony and profound spiritual bond with nature, align to Psylo’s Vision & Values. So it was only natural, that for Psylo’s Winter 2017-18 Collection, the design team chose to focus on the Zen arts for inspiration. Following this ancient culture and unique aesthetic, became a source for inspiration, both for our way of life and designs.

great wave off kanagawa, Printmaking by Hokusai, 1832The Zen arts as an aesthetic include a great appreciation for moderation, asymmetry, imperfection, earthiness, and naturalness. The Zen values of rusticity, elegance, simplicity and refined beauty, became the themes of this Psylo Collection.

Defined by basic geometrical patterns and lines, this season’s cuts are simple, yet elegant. With some drawing inspiration from Japanese fashion, from kimonos to work-men trousers. But the most prominent in this collection’s cuts is the Zen principle of Fukensei. This central principle of the Zen aesthetic, Fukensei is the concept of controlling balance in a composition via irregularity and asymmetry. With asymmetry already being one of Psylo’s signature styles, you will find this design element throughout the collection.

Psylo’s AW17-18 prints were also inspired by Zen art. You will find the brush “Zen circle” print on many designs, symbolizing absolute enlightenment, strength, elegance, the universe, and mu (the void). The enso is drawn as an incomplete circle, symbolizing the imperfection that is part of existence. While the new Gong and Yin Yang print-designs are fruits of our ongoing creative collaboration with tattoo artist Mahyar Traveler.

Zen painting square-triangle-circle Date before 1819 Sengai

More than just a visual inspiration, the Zen arts taught us to focus on the importance of mind/body unity. Which is essential for the mastery of every art. While designing this collection with a Zen attitude, our mind remained in the now, being fully aware of the illusory nature of material life.

We hope that weaving Zen elements into this collection will raise awareness of Zen philosophy.

That wearing these symbols will act as your reminder to “Be in the Now”.

A reminder to deepen your connection & respect to nature.

A reminder to keep working on personal growth for the benefit of yourself & others.

Remember - “What we think, we become.”

Love, Psylo Team


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Psylo Fashion alternative streetwear winter 2017-2018 collection inspired by zen arts

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