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Mahyar Traveler is a talented tattoo artist and avid traveler. His years long collaboration with Psylo begun after he met with Ami Ganiel during his visit to Bali, Indonesia. During our collaboration, Mayhar created unique artworks for Psylo. The tribal tattoo style designs were screen-printed or embroidered on Psylo's clothing, adding details and texture. His contribution to Psylo can be seen in the following styles:

Long Necka Pants | Maya Gloves |Baggy Sweater |Demon Hooded Vest |Garuda Singlet (kids) | Garuda Pants (kids) |Profile Tee L/S | Profile Tee S/S |2 Lili Jacket | Yang Tee S/S |YinYang Kaftan | Yang Jacket

Hope you enjoy the fruits of this collaboration as much as we do. Feel free to share your feedback in comments below.

Love, Psylo Team

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