“Not all who wander are lost”

Travel to some of the best destinations in the world - and you will find a Psylo flagship shop. It’s not a coincidence - Psylo was born out of life of travel and free expression. Global travelers, explorers and gypsies have been wearing Psylo ever since our 1st collection almost 20 years ago. Each summer, we keep true to our roots and travel to your favorite music festivals (summer 2019 dates coming soon!). Psylo’s underground streetwear is a perfect match for nomadic lifestyles. Designed for comfort and versatility - making it for packing lighter when traveling.

So when photographer Nate Jones contacted us with his concept of shooting Psylo’s alternative clothes, on his travel adventures - it was a perfect match. Together the gorgeous Claudia and Erika, Nate brought us back stunning shots from his Ecuadorian adventures in early 2018.

The unique locations of Cotopaxi and the bamboo forest in Ecuador’s Jurassic Park acted as the perfect background for these fairy tales, mystical shots; From the pixie-fairy standing in the middle of the bamboo jungle wearing our Monroe Dress; To a couple on stormy beach - her with the same Monroe Dress, him with our New Steamed Cost and Long Necka Pants; To the Amazonian wearing Psylo Soba Sleeveless Dress, riding the horse and hiking in the jungle; To a magical moment of being surrounded by hundreds of birds - Nate successfully caught those travel moments which leave one in awe. 

So next time you go on an adventure - make sure to pack Psylo with you!

The photos you’ll be taking could win you a free top from us on our Instagram #mypsylo contest, or you could even get sponsored here.

Either way, stay safe & Happy travels!

Love, Psylo Team

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