Handmade Clothing with Love in Bali

See here your behind-the-scenes glimpse into how we make your clothes. From concept to design, to pattern making, cutting, stitching, detailing and quality control. There are hours of handmade teamwork required to realise each Psylo design! Get ready to meet some of the old and new faces on our skilled Psylo team of artisans.


Handmade: Old Traditions, Fresh Glimpse

This video was recently shot at our headquarters in Bali, Indonesia. Also named the “Island of The Gods”, Bali has a rich cultural heritage, where traditional arts and crafts play a significant role in the isle's identity. Indeed, long before it was known for yoga or wellness retreats, Bali built its reputation as a hub of skilful masters. The dominant themes of the island’s artistic traditions are skilled craftsmanship and intricacy. One of the best-known local crafts is the Indonesian batik, which involves using wax-resistant dyeing on fabric. Bali has its unique batik styles, often featuring vibrant colours and the island’s signature intricate patterns.

The Balinese intricacy shines through other local art forms, like basket weaving (known as "canang sari"), the vibrant colours and intricate designs of ceramics, and the complexity of stone or woodcarving. Across the island, you will find temples and traditional buildings featuring elaborate carvings that reflect local cultural and religious influences. Local nature, folklore, mythology or religious symbols are also big influences on traditional Balinese painting and the local silver and goldsmithing crafts.

Building on these long local traditions of art and craft, our team of skilled artisans bring their passions into your clothing. This attention to detail is what enables us to push boundaries, designing cutting-edge silhouettes and manipulating fabrics with custom-made detailing. Over the years, our team developed various in-house methods and techniques that we use to give each piece of clothing a unique character. It’s a contemporary expression of ancient local expertise. An ode to skilful craftsmanship. The result is handmade clothing that carries a special feel, look and style.


Teamwork Makes The Dreams Work

Beyond sharing the craftsmanship involved in realising your clothing, we also wanted to spotlight here our wonderful team: Ustadi - our pattern cutter, Bukhori and Dartik - two of our tailors, Kadek Setiawan and Komang Adi - our techincal finishers, Putu - from our quality control team. Last but not least, we're proud to introduce the newest comers on our team: Linkan Palenewen - our women's designer, and Daniel Bartlett - our men's designer. These are some of the amazing people who make your clothing. We’re forever grateful for this great teamwork. It is what makes Psylo, the heart of our community.

Thank you for being here.



Psylo Team


Psylo Team - Handmade Clothing with Love in Bali

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