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How to Layer Clothes for Winter - Streetwear Edition

The Art of Layering Streetwear Clothes During Winter

There are plenty of reasons why we love layering. It serves both form and function. Comfort And style. Giving you the feeling of being comfortable in your clothes, whatever your day brings you. Indoors or outdoors settings, colder or warmer conditions - whatever happens, you can be readily dressed. Layering clothes also brings the most out of your wardrobe. Adding more unique combinations and possibilities for expressing your personal style. It’s an easy style to wear, and if you’re already exploring the possibilities with your Psylo we would love to see your photos! For those looking for streetwear layering inspirations or how to layer clothes for winter - ready on…

Kicking off this layering guide with our number 1 tip. To style a good layered look, it’s best to start with thinner layers, wearing your way up to heavier clothing. As it’s important to wear fabrics on your skin that allow it to breath. While “outer” layers should offer more protection with rougher or heavier materials. Wearing tighter-fitting clothing as your base, while building up towards more baggy cuts - will also ensure your outfit is comfortable. 

You could apply the same logic to the layers’ style. Starting with wearing a basic layer (or layers!), and building towards the more designed styles. Your base could be a tee or a top, even a simple mini dress. When needed to keep extra warm, you could even wear a thermal top as a base layer, and your braided top on top. You’ll be cosy and it could even expose the details better! You can then add more layers all the way to a designer’s line jacket or kimono.

STREETWEAR LAYERING LOOK #1 in order of appearance: | Tiga Boob Tube | Jiko Leggings | Tangaka Skirt | Shula Skirt | Ply Top | Onomik Kimono | Hoodie Scarf | Splice Fringe Belt | Psylo Gloves

Achieving your layering style is all about exposing the garments you’re wearing below your “top” layer. So styling together items in various lengths - will make the layers below visible. For example, wearing a sleeved tee, top or sweater, and on top a vest - would make the layer below visible. Or wearing items in asymmetrical lengths, like our Evo Rmx Skirt, Virgo Vest or Tilted Rmx Jumper - will add stylish detailing to your layers look. Another great way to expose the layers below is by wearing see-through fabrics, like our Ply Top, Ply Dress or unisex Tank Top.

A top tip about layering clothes is balance. Layering is a playful art of mixing complimenting, or opposing, colours, styles and textures. Each element can be turned up or down - to achieve a complete and balanced look. For example, you might go for an outfit in black colour, and play with adding layers in different textures or prints. Or you could push your layering look further, and combine more colours, perhaps with less prints - to achieve a balanced look.

STREETWEAR LAYERING LOOK #2 in order of appearance: | Tiga Boob Tube | Jiko Leggings | Chevy Dress | Evo Rmx Skirt Skirt | Virgo Vest | Mesh Gloves | Turban Beanie

With the colder months of the year upon us, now is the perfect time to enjoy this playful style and layer clothes for winter. When you’re exploring your styling possibilities with your Psylo sweaters, vests, kaftan, hoodie, jacket and accessories - we would love to see your look! Send us your photos or videos by emailing customerservice@psylofashion.com, or if you would like to help others AND collect rewards - attach photos to your review.

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