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The Capsule Wardrobe Guide

The term “capsule wardrobe” was first coined by British designer Susie Faux back in the 70’s. It refers to a wardrobe built from a collection of essential clothing items, which do not go out of fashion, and can be mixed-and-matched to dress you to all occasions. Recent years have seen the term “capsule wardrobe” gaining popularity among minimalists and eco-conscious alike. Attracted by the concept of decluttering your closet from unnecessary clothing which you never wear. As well as focusing your consumption on clothes you truly love and need, and that are going to last you for years to come….

There are a few basic principles to follow to build your own capsule wardrobe which expresses your unique style and answers your daily-life’s needs;

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What Are Your Needs?

The main idea of a capsule wardrobe is choosing a collection of 30-50 items, which you love and are also practical and versatile. So to start building a collection which works for you - consider first what do you need from your wardrobe?

Do you need to wear work-clothes?

Do you work out a lot and need workout wear?

Do you love going out much and need more clothing to stand out with?

The balance of your capsule wardrobe should be reflecting your unique lifestyle needs.

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Having versatility in your smaller collection will guarantee it answering better a wider spectrum of occasions and needs. Giving you options for creating more wonderful looks. There are 3 styling techniques which we love for making the most of an exclusive collection;

1. Multi-ways of wearing

Psylo's designers lived out of their backpacks for long enough to learn that versatile clothing is useful. Having 2-in-1 options of wearing a certain item is helpful in minimising space, and getting more out of each item. Here are our faves multi-ways-to-wear styles: 

# For Her // Le Skirt 

The ultimate 2-in-1 piece. This classic design can be worn as a skirt, or as a dress. Either way you wear it, there is extra play with how you can position it on your chest or hips. 

# For Her // Billy Top 

Wear it with the braiding on the back shoulders - and you might get away with wearing it to work. Wear it back-to-front - and you're ready to party! 


# For Him // Tilted Sweater 

A great example for how subtle details can have a big effect. This jumper is designed with a zipped turtleneck. Wear it closed and folded, for a tidy impression. Or half-open for an edgy, more unique look.

# For Him // Skirted Pants 

These linen pants are designed with a tie-up closure along the cal. So you can wear them as long trousers, or tied-up as 3/4 shorts.  

2. Layering

How we love the art of layering, and the almost indefinite options it brings to a wardrobe! Using your creativity and imagination you can use layering to mix unique cuts, accentuate different silhouettes or textures, and maximise your wardrobe for interesting combinations. 

3. Accessorising!

A capsule wardrobe is not complete without them. Accessories can adapt or add to your outfit's style. Like a final finishing touch - they can make or break your outfit. On the plus side, accessorising is where you can really celebrate your personality. From your hairstyle, makeup, jewellery or shoes, to upgrading your look with gloves or other wrist-wear, hats, scarves, belts or bags, and even leg warmers

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To have the freedom to mix-and-match your capsule wardrobe, go for styles, colours and even patterns or fabrics you can combine together. So as a whole, choosing Psylo as part of your capsule wardrobe is an easy choice for creating many unique outfits. Some of our designs are extra versatile, and can be worn in several different ways to create a new look every time! While all Psylo’s clothing are created in an earthy, minimalist colour palette which is easy to match to each other, and to other classics in your collection. To find out more about our colours - the meaning each carries and best colour combos, check out The Psylo Guide to Your Outfit's Colours.  

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Key to building a successful capsule wardrobe to enjoy for years is choosing the right balance of tops, dresses, bottoms, jackets and accessories. Usually, you will need more tops than bottoms, and less jackets to be able to create versatile outfits to carry you throughout your unique lifestyle and everyday life. According to your needs, you’ll need to also balance your capsule wardrobe between clothes you can wear every day, to your more specific activities, and outfits or accessories to dress when you want to stand out or look smart.

According to your needs, you’ll also need to balance your capsule wardrobe between clothes you can wear every day, to your more specific activities, and outfits or accessories to dress when you want to stand out or look smart. For your everyday Psylo capsule wardrobe check out our basics collection - perfect for easy-going looks you can wear with minimal effort. For extra special pieces to add the wow-factor to your capsule wardrobe, explore Psylo’s designer line. Balancing your everyday selection with more unique pieces to stand out with;


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Got more tips for curating a unique capsule collection? 

Feel free to share them in the comments below!

Already grooving with your capsule wardrobe?

Find out how to care for your collection to make it last here


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