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With sales AND holiday seasons upon us, lots of you will be taking advantage of the attractive deals, to get the best presents for less £££. While some have a natural talent for always finding the perfect gift, most of us would appreciate some inspiration, and good advice if always helpful. Which is why we compiled Psylo’s expert tips on how to get the best gifts for your loved one/s. Find the perfect Psylo for your loved one/s on this website in 5 easy steps:


Step #1 - Get Inspired

The key to giving the perfect gift is getting something that is in their interests or style. A present that would make your loved one/s happy. To get this right, you'll need to put on your Sherlock Holmes persona and employ your spying skills - to understand what do your loved one link? What interests them? What colours do they like? If you’re going for clothing item/s - what size do they wear? Do they like wearing their clothes baggy, or fitted? Making these observations will inspire you in finding the best gift for your loved ones. Or give you a good direction of where to start. And when in need, you'll find plenty more gift inspirations in our guide:



Step #2 - Sizing

When it comes to gifting clothes, you’ll need to get the size right. The easiest way to enjoy our over 2 decades experience of fitting - is to check what size your loved one wears, and compare it to our size guide. You’ll also find in this guide a detailed explanation about our size range and top tips for the perfect fit. Still got sizing doubts? You could skip this step and jump straight into our lifestyle or accessories collections, or check out our available gift vouchers. Or get in touch with our customer care superstars - who will gladly assist you with further advice. Also, you may rest assured. Shopping at Psylo, you and your loved-one/s are always protected by our ‘satisfied or refunded’ return policy.


Step #3 - Discover

Explore our collections by selecting the best “style” or “gender” for your loved one from our menu navigation. You may then use the “refine by”, to filter each collection according to the size, colour or price range you’re looking for. Once you spotted the style/s that would look great on your loved one/s, visit the product page to discover detailed information about the material, fit, style and care advice. Our customers’ reviews could also give you an excellent understanding of the style, and how much your loved one/s gonna like it.


Step #4 - Must Mention

After selecting your loved one’s gift/s and heading to the checkout, feel free to make use of the “notes” box to leave us any special instructions. Also on the cart page, you’ll find our shipping rates calculator for cost of shipping. Make sure you’ve checked our shipping page for delivery times to your destination, to ensure the presents reach you or your loved one/s on time.


Step #5 - Relax

What’s next? Sit back and relax. Our team will be carrying out quality control and packing your gift using eco-friendly packaging. Then we’ll book the shipping of your gift to the address you provided, using the delivery method selected at checkout. Next, hopefully your loved one/s are going to thank you forever for giving such an amazing present ;)

As always, if you have further questions or need help - please comment below, or contact us here.

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