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For those looking to gift their loved ones with funky & ethical wear, we compiled this guide with gift inspirations Psylo customers are loving right now. Here you will find the perfect gift for your loved one/s.

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Most of the trending gift inspirations listed, like all Psylo's clothing & accessories, are handmade by our happy team of artisans who love their craft. All our lines are designed & created under the same roof at our HQ in Bali, using natural, organic, or even upcycled materials - wherever and whenever we can. While other styles you'll find here are created by our talented friends at Plazmalab or Costume Therapy. Both brands share similar values, concepts and sustainable practices to Psylo, creating truly unique art and statement jewellery. This all means that by choosing to buy at our shop this holiday season, you’ll not only be making your loved ones happy, you’re also supporting independent brands and ethical practices. Following these slow fashion practices also means producing at a smaller scale, with many of our lines created as limited editions. Making the gift inspirations suggested here even more unique and special for your loved one/s.


While shopping for yourself could already be part of your routine, shopping for others is almost always trickier, yet more rewarding: those looking to gift their loved ones with edgy & ethical clothing and accessories will enjoy gifting an intimate, durable, and useful present. Every time your loved one/s will wear your gift it will be a reminder of your beautiful relationship, wrapped around their body… Since we’ll hate you to miss out on gifting such great presents just because you’re worried about getting the right style or size - we’ve Packed top expert tips to help you nail the perfect presents for your loved ones.

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