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Statement Jewellery @ Psylo

Joining forces with 2 unique designers and old friends of Psylo, after years of strong friendship - collaborating to bring to you these two unique statement jewellery lines: Costume Therapy and Tribali. Like Psylo’s signature style - you’ll find in these 2 lines tribal and gothic influences in a bold mix for complementing your unique style. Creating stand-out designs, both brands have a special story behind their creation. Here we’re proud to introduce you to these talented designers and tell you more about these amazing new jewellery now available at our store;


model wearing Custom Therapy statement edgy jewellery

Image above and banner: the Croc Articulated Necklace, the Croc Rings and Mini Nail Rings by Costume Therapy.


Costume Therapy Statement Jewellery

Meet the Designer Katarina Lucidea

‘’I believe in no seasonal trends, but concepts and expressions that carry their own particular message as power objects do. Wearing such thing is like walking a bridge from subconscious desires into conscious reality.’’

An icon of alternative sophistication and graceful beasty-metal style, Katarina Lucidea is a princess of dark fashion, known for a unique sense of designing & sculpting wearable art in the form of costume and statement jewellery. By the age of 14, Katarina knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. After graduating from the ‘Istituto Marangoni’ in Milan, where she studied Fashion Design, Katarina did her first big work - collection of snake patchwork for Dolce&Gabbana. In April 2013, at ‘LINEAPELLE’ Fair in Bologna, Katarina did a successful exhibition of her leather works. Which brought her great response and interest from leading fashion brands, and offers in doing custom work for their collections.


man wearing statement rings tribal earrings and warrior necklace by custom therapy edgy style

Image above: the Intergalactic Warrior Maxi Hoops Earrings, Intergalactic Warrior Necklace, Intergalactic Warrior Cuff Bracelet and Mini Nail Rings by Costume Therapy.


During her visit to Bali, Katarina met silver & leather-smith artist Lou Guerin, who introduced her to a whole new perspective to art, fashion, creativity and life philosophy in general. Katarina immersed herself in profound study, exploration and expansion of new techniques. She started crafting leather into wearable art and fusing it with other precious materials in an authentic way. Accumulated virtue of Katharina’s life journey opened another door in expressing her art through new language - the language of metal. Speaking itself out in the form of the costume jewellery. With access to infinite imagination and outstanding knowledge about materials Katarina’s hallmark of alternative glamour is a priceless gift to the world.


About the Collection

The MOON-METIC-A collection emerged from the visions of parallel worlds. Inspired by the echoes of unknown ancient times, cosmic battles and beauty of the universe. It offers a range of abstract cosmic bone rings, crawling creature necklaces, weaponized cuffs, bracelets and claw hoops. This collection is technically studied to perfectly adhere, adore and extend the body. Wearing the jewels from Costume Therapy gives an instant feeling of being empowered.


woman wearing psylo fashion alternative streetwear and tribal jewellery boho-chic

Image above: Tribali's Rain Gypsy Dangle Earrings are the perfect complement to elevate a tribal look - Hua Bra Top, Sigyl Kaftan and Harem Skirt Pants.


Tribali - Tribal Jewellery

Meet the Designer: Rabia Bullough

“I used to sit in my Uncle’s jewellery shop in Sydney, from the young age of maybe 5 or 6 years old. I would play with beads, twist wires, and make basic earrings for family members. As I grew older, I would also serve customers at his shop. My uncle used to tell me stories of his trips to India, where his passion for gemstones, and antique jewellery started."

You may say that art and travel are in Rabia’s blood. Her mother was a mystic, and father a musician. Originally from opposite sides of the world, they met in Sydney, where Rabia was born. Together they collected art and textiles in Asia, and sold them to museums and art collectors around Europe. When Rabia grew older, she traveled the world, using different creative talents to make her living. Finally, after five years of travels, Rabia arrived at Bali - the island where artistic dreams come true… Creating her first jewellery collection, using organic materials, such as wood, buffalo horn, bone and shell. This was an eye-opening experience - realizing that traveling with jewellery was a practical way to share her creations… Trading mostly at European and Australian music festivals, or Goa’s markets. While returning to Bali to create. Until finally in 2007, after the birth of her first child, Rabia settled in Bali full-time, and opened her own retail shop. The first store was called - “Rabia”. Which after evolved to “Tribali”, and has been the shop next to Psylo Bali for the last 10 years!



woman wearing Tribali tribal hoop earrings

Image above: Star Hoops Tribal Earrings by Tribali.


Rabia has always been inspired by tribal motives and antique tribal jewellery. Starting with Polynesia, and Polynesian tattoo designs, and moving towards India, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan and Turkey. Changing materials accordingly, from metals, such as brass and Silver, to gemstones as well, and occasionally gold. Rabia now also evolved her practice into tattoo art - designing, as well as tattooing. Tattoos are after all a kind of permanent jewellery. Her designs reflect places traveled to, or dreamt of…

Tribali’s creation is supported by a small and strong team. While Rabia handles all the sampling, designing, and production management, as well as quality control. A wonderful silversmith is helping in realizing the designs. He is local Balinese, and works from home - so he can be with his kids. Other members of the team include wax carver, and of course the amazing women who take care of the shop, and all the bead work.


About the Collection

Tribali’s gorgeous tribal earrings line is the latest addition to the Psylo store. This line is made from brass and white brass, and is inspired by several running themes; tribal jewellery from Thailand, Rajasthan and other dreamscapes. As well as Art Deco and geometrical patterns. Discover this hand-picked selection of beautiful earrings to complete your style.




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