Spring 2024 Trends: 5 Timeless Style Tips

Welcome the glorious season of spring in style. Meet our best timeless clothing to ethically refresh your look while supporting independent brands.


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Spring is the season of rejuvenation and the changing seasons invite us to refresh our wardrobe. Does this mean you must refresh your full wardrobe? Absolutely not. Keeping our integrity as advocates for Slow Fashion, the Psylo design team curated a selection of timeless styles and tips that are perfect for the upcoming season, and beyond.


Stylish touch when you need an extra layer.

The changing seasons usually bring unstable weather and bigger differences in temperature between night and day. In other words, mastering the art of layering is key to achieving a look that works for you. Warming up with extra layers is not only practical, but it also opens up endless style opportunities; go for a more dramatic style by choosing a kimono or kaftan, or get practical with a sweater like our Off Sweater for men, the XB Cropped Sweater for women, a comfy Soba sweater dress. With either choice, you will find it simple and easy to enjoy the benefits of your extra layer as a touch of extra style to your look.


Layering - men

Image references (from bottom left, anticlockwise): Off Sweater, Pipa Cap, Turban Beanie, Big Bear Kimono by Shokrenah, Kimono Kaftan, Off Vest and Prayer Scarf by Shokrenah.


Layering - women

Image references (from bottom left, anticlockwise): Pipa Cap, Big Bear Kimono by Shokrenah, Kimono Kaftan, Maha Kaftan, XB Crop Sweater, detail of the Big Bear Kimono by Shokrenah, Turban Beanie, Soba Mini Dress, and Maha Kaftan.



Silky and Light Blends for The Warmest Days.

Like a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon, we emerge from winter. The warmer air calls for lighter fabrics, like our 100% bamboo, organic cotton lycra, or the cotton-linen blend. While our lighter souls are yearning for these fabrics’ softer, silky touch. These natural blends are kind to your skin all year round, and our refreshing selection for the season includes easy-going, comfortable and flowy cuts that will flatter every body.


Silky & light blends - men

Image references (from bottom left, anticlockwise): Tribal Shirt, Muslin Tee, detail of the Tribal Shirt and Tribal Pants back and front. These styles are part of a collection by our friend Shokraneh.


Silky & light blends - women

Image references (from bottom left, anticlockwise): Hi5 Skirt, back and side of our Karma Kaftan, Prayer Scarf by Shokrenah, Hi5 Skirt (worn as an asymmetric bandeau top) and Kuan Hooded Wrap Top.



The Bamboo/Organic Cotton Lycra Wardrobe - Your Second Skin.

The best base for a capsule wardrobe that works for you 24/7, while being kind to our plant. Our certified organic cotton fabrics are made to the highest standard of GOTS - Global Organic Textile Standard. This certification covers not only environmental but also social aspects throughout the supply chain. And all this is before we even talked about some of the features of these yummy fabrics. They are breathable and heavenly-soft, hugging your body like a second skin. Our selection for this season highlights that ethical clothing does not mean boring. Each of these designs celebrates the unique aspect of our in-house handcrafting techniques; from avant-garde silhouettes to specialised stitching, braiding, and silkscreening.


The Bamboo/Organic Cotton Lycra Wardrobe - Your Second Skin - men

Image references (from bottom left, anticlockwise): Serial Tee, Off Tee and Groovy Pants, Vortex Tee, white and Cement Tulle Tee and Zentagle Sweater.


The Bamboo/Organic Cotton Lycra Wardrobe - Your Second Skin - women

Image references (from bottom left, anticlockwise): New Bogo Top, Luke Top, Billy Top, Venus Tunic TopOm Hooded Kaftan, Tangled Mini Skirt, Tibetan Leggings and Billy Top.



Getting Casual in Signature Cargo or Harem

After the winter dormant, spring is also the season to get active, and out and about. So our recommended go-to for this season is all about practicality with a good pair of sturdy cargo or flowy harem pants. Originating as military workwear, the cargo style usually means​​ hard-wearing trousers with lots of utility pockets. Our Psylo interpretations of cargo styles for the season are the Razor cargo shorts and the Magnus Pants. Both are handmade with a sturdy 100% cotton twill fabric and that edgy touch you love. Stylish comfortability is also the main character of harem pants. Our recommended style for this spring, the Kafiya Harem Pants is handmade with an organic cotton blend and comes in a daring silhouette.


Cargo and harem pants

Image references: Magnus Cargo Pants, Kafiya Harem Pants and Razor Cargo Shorts



Jewellery and Accessories for The Glorious Spring

Nature is about to put on the year's best show, and you would want to join in the fun. The easiest way to elevate every look is by adding statement jewellery or other body adornments. In this section of our spring 2024 capsule collection, you will find our otherworldly jewellery that is designed to empower and transform the wearer. Added with a playful set of arm and leg wear that conceals as much as it reveals - perfect for this upcoming season of rejuvenation and change.


Accessories and jewellery spring trends

Image references: the Intergalactic Warrior Necklace, Intergalactic Warrior Earrings, Elephant Gloves and Elephant Leg Warmers.



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