Collection: Aladdin Pants & Harem Trousers

Wide-leg trousers come in various names across cultures. Psylo's Aladdin and Harem Pants are handmade with ethical fabrics, featuring unique detailing and edgy cuts.

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Get Comfy in Style with Our Aladdin & Harem Pants

It’s no secret that Psylo’s designers love to trace those connections among various tribes to find the essence of humanity that connects us all. And this collection of wide-leg long trousers is a great example! The type of light trousers that fit loose and baggy on the hips, and narrow towards tight ankles come in different names across cultures:

In English, they can sometimes be called genie pants, Aladdin pants or parachute pants. Sometimes they may even be called balloon pants. In South Asia, they are called shalwar and in the Ottoman Empire ṣalvar, where they were traditionally worn by either men or women. While in the Middle East and northern Africa, they were usually worn by men, came with a drawstring belt and were named sarouel. They are also considered men’s trousers around the Dnieper River region, where they are called sharovary and traditionally worn by the nomadic “free men” tribes. In Western society and more recent times, they also acquired the nickname hippie pants.

How did this trousers' cut become the go-to choice of such diverse groups of people, while rising above trends? In one word: comfort. This flowy cut is usually made with light fabrics. This combo of silhouette and material allows 100% free movement. As well as maximum breathability for the skin. Added to such a rich history and culture, this style ticks all the boxes to make it a favourite choice. Loved by yogis, ninjas, and peace warriors, as well as nomad tribes, mountain communities and avid travellers.

In this collection, you will find unique interpretations of this style handmade with our highest-quality fabrics. We use organic cotton or sustainable bamboo wherever and whenever we can, and complement those with other ethical fabrics like our cotton linen or double-knitted “Slub”. Added with that Psylo touch you love; edgy cuts, handcrafted detailing like screen-prints, custom-made metal studs, embroidery and other in-house techniques mastered over 23+ years of alternative clothing design. Whatever the occasion, you’ll find a comfy pair to wear here.

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