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Psylo was born out of life of travels, inspired by life-changing moments on the road and on the dance floor. Since its creation back in 1999, and first collection launch at the Millenium Earthcore festival, our story has been inseparable from the psychedelic scene. Each summer, we pack our festival shop and hit the European roads to reconnect with our psy family; Boom Festival, Ozora, PsyFi, Antaris, S.U.N Festival, Modem, Hadra... to name a few of our faves. Here are a few of the magical moments from Psylo's past festival adventures:


Psytrance festivals are shaped and created by hundreds of small, independently-run organisations and self-employed individuals. Anyone connected to the music scene knows that these are extremely challenging times for our loved festivals, and for the livelihoods of all those creative souls making them happen each year. These are also true moments to come together as a family, and support each other.

To get involved, or if you are in a position to help - follow the links below to find out how you could be supporting some of these unique events, and help securing the future of our culture:

Boom Festival

While Boom has been rescheduled for 22nd - 29th July 2021, it’s creating ‘Unite’ - together with Iboga and Nano Records and many more DJs, producers, labels, festival and party promoters. This project creates a creative platform to provide our community with a unique experience during these unprecedented times, and beyond. It aims at connecting the scene with a message of hope and union through music. Created by active members of the global psychedelic community, tailor-made live streamed DJ, live sets and visual VJ mixes, from various locations around the world, are accessible via their website www.LetTheMusicUniteUs.com, Facebook and Youtube. The power of music and oneness cannot stop. Let the Music Unite Us.

Psy-Fi Festival

In only eight years Psy-Fi has become a home for many, a place where to connect closely with each other on many levels, where to dance in unity and live in harmony. Like all other major events, it had to be rescheduled for 25th - 29th Aug 2021, challenging it’s future. You see, unique annual events like Psy-Fi, they last for only a few days. But making them happen takes hard work throughout the whole year; your favourite track wasn’t being written on that unforgettable night you first heard it. That musician creating it probably spent countless hours perfecting its sound. Same goes to the decor artists and their creations. Even the market stalls and food traders pay their suppliers a down payment months in advance, trusting their hard work would pay off. These are some of the reasons for Psy-Fi to set up a donation campaign. Making up for this year’s loss with the support of the community would help secure the future of this wonderful festival. To find out more visit Psy-Fi official website

Antaris Project

After celebrating its 25th anniversary last year, the 26th edition of Antaris Project is going to take place 25th - 28th June 2021. Discovering new concepts and altering the existing, while respecting our roots, is the main goal for this mother of German psychedelic trance festivals! Antaris crew are doing their very best to present something that is both- familiar and new. Follow Antaris’ website or facebook page for updates and revelations. 


This festival has also been rescheduled and will now take place 9th - 15th Aug 2021. Modem decided to take advantage of the year out, and are carrying out upgrade works throughout their site. To help support the upgrade project, a ‘Mo:Dem Back The Future’ crowdfunding campaign was launched. So you can help upgrade Festival to a higher production scale, while supporting Mo:Dem artists and crew to express themselves in full capacity. All backers will be granted priority access to ticket purchase before the official presale starts for all future editions of Mo:dem!

To find out more about ‘Mo:Dem Back The Future’ crowdfunding campaign click here.

S.U.N Festival

While S.U.N has been postponed to 19th - 25th July 2021, tickets from 2020 will be valid for next year’s event. Any 2020 ticket holders are also being gifted with a free entry to another S.U.N event, like WinterSUN, SUN promo parties, Csobánkapuszta events, and more. The organizers have announced that any 2020 tickets can be “donated” back to the festival, with 50% going to the artists whose performance has been cancelled, and 50% to the organization to secure its future. More info on S.U.N Festival’s FB page

Ozora Festival

The beautiful Ozora has been rescheduled for 2nd - 8th Aug 2021, with 2020 tickets automatically valid for next year (tickets for 2020 are not refundable, but can be transferred to another person if you cannot attend). While waiting for Ozora 2021, head over to Radio Ozora to tune in the psychedelic sounds. Get up, start dancing and close your eyes to be transformed to the Ozora playground.

Burning Man

Although not a pure psytrance event, Burning Man is also keeping it psychedelic. And with so many burners wearing Psylo on the playa each year, we'll go more in depth about it in a separate post soon. Here it felt important to mention that apart from donating to help the future of BM, you could also get involved in the amazing child-project 'Burners Without Borders' (BWB). It is a "grassroots, volunteer-driven, community leadership organization whose goal is to unlock the creativity of local communities to solve problems that bring about meaningful change". Check their website for all the ways you could be joining volunteers from around the world in innovative disaster relief solutions and community resiliency projects.   


These are just some of the initiatives taken by our beloved festivals. There are many more beautiful gatherings and organisations around the world keeping our culture alive. If you have any suggestion for a missing listing on this post - feel free to comment below, or contact us here


Here is part of the statement released by the United European Festivals:

United European festivals announcement 2020

"To make it through the months ahead, we will need to re-embrace the ideals our scene was built on: Unity, Love, Empathy, Inclusiveness, Oneness and Open-Heartedness. When the COVID-19 crisis finally passes we will return to a different world, but there is nothing that can stop people from connecting with each other through music and dance. We create festivals because it moves us and inspires us. That will not change because of this crisis, it will only drive us to do better."


7 Chakras Festival, Ahoora Festival, Antaris Project, Atlas Festival, Atman Festival, Boom Festival, Drops Festival, Elysium Island Festival, Fora de Tempo Festival, Free Earth Festival, FreeMental Festival, Hadra Trance Festival, Kosmos Festival, Masters Of Puppets Festival, Mo:Dem Festival, Own Spirit Festival, Ozora Festival, Psy-Fi, Revision Festival, SUN Festival, Waldfrieden & Wao Festival

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Ruggero Tollis
Ruggero Tollis

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Ciao, for me Psylo is n 1

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