TEMPERANCE X Psylo Collaboration

TEMPERANCE X Psylo Collaboration

We recently started collaborating with the band Temperance, who is a rising star in the world of modern metal. Temperance is the one and only in the world to feature a twist of vocal harmonies both in studio albums and in their live shows. They will be releasing their upcoming album via Napalm Records, which will be worldwide! This is a wonderful moment for Psylo Fashion to share our style and dress a band so dedicated to pushing the boundaries and creating something new. 

Temperance, which means balance, or equilibrium, is the perfect name for a band the has an impressive mix of symphonic and electronic atmospheres. It’s Temperance’s extraordinary vocal melodies, and tight heavy guitar riffs, that are bounded together with the band’s core elements: melody, power and harmonies. 

This creates an awe inspiring performance to not only listen to, but to watch as well. To Temperance, it is also important to give a unique experience when it comes to performances. They make sure that every performance is a special one to everyone there watching.

"The market is more and more defined "online", the selling of physical copies of the albums are getting lower every year. But there's something that will never change: the unique feelings given by live shows. This is where the bands belong and where they must focus their music. The energy of a live concert is something inimitable, that no computer, iPod or stereo can reproduce. As long as people will need those feelings, every band who really gives something to its listeners will have life." 
                                       - Alessia Scolletti, Interview: Temperance on antichristmagazine.com

One can expect to have fun and experience positive vibes from a performance by Temperance. Temperance is all about bringing positive feelings to people through their music, just how we at Psylo aim to do the same through our clothing!

TEMPERANCE X Psylo Collaboration

Michele Guaitoli: Thor Vmix Wristband | Alessia Scolletti: Laga Crop Vest | Kamer Sleeveless Mini Dress

TEMPERANCE X Psylo Collaboration

Alessia Scolletti: Onesa Short Sleeves Mini Dress

TEMPERANCE X Psylo Collaboration

Alessia Scolletti: Onesa Short Sleeves Mini Dress

Check out their latest album ‘Of Jupiter an Moons’ if you can’t wait for their new album! It is an album full of powerful Metal masterpieces that is sure to make you have your playlist on repeat. Songs such as ‘The Last Hope In A World of Hopes’ and ‘Of Jupiter And Moons’ have gained millions of Youtube views due to this impressive blend of powerful melodies. 

Seeing a successful and talented band such as Temperance wearing Psylo clothes is just as exciting to us as their music is! We hope you enjoy this great collaboration as much as we do. Stay tuned to our other social media, as we will have more photos of Temperance wearing Psylo in a special photoshoot! What's your favorite song by Temperance? Comment in the section below!

Love, Psylo Team


Photos Credits: Lisa Berg, Pedro Doblado Foto Music, Romina Pantanetti and Kyle Finlan.

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