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July 31, 2020

Basic adjective

Forming an essential foundation or starting point; fundamental.

It all comes down the basics when building your dream wardrobe. Basics are the must-haves of every personal collection, pulling your outfit together and giving your wardrobe more mileage. As you can expect from Psylo’s basics - they’re basically, much more than, well, basic. Because we like doing things a little differently, for you to be able to express your unique style.

Your basics are the go-to pieces you grab every morning without hesitation. That’s why we design Psylo’s basics to go beyond. Using the same high-quality organic or natural materials wherever we can, our basics collection is everyday wear, with a twist. These clothes and accessories have a small print or application. Or subtle detailing achieved by textured fabric and the “unfinished” look. Resulting in a more accessible style at attractive prices. Meaning you also get more for your money!

Perfect for easy-going looks you can wear with minimal effort - explore Psylo’s faves basics. Designed to elevate your everyday, in comfort. Meet these reliable 7-day-a-week styles essential to any wardrobe:

The [not so] Simple Tee

The staple garment essential to your everyday is a T-shirt. Or seven! All our men's Tee's are heavenly soft, made with a breathable fabric composed of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton. Here are 3 of our best basic Tees:


Top of Your Everyday

For a feminine everyday look that is easy-to-wear - here are some of Psylo's best basic tops. Made with soft organic cotton lycra, or our cosy CVC Slub fabric for those colder months: 


The Easy-going Jumper

Essential to your everyday during those colder times of the year is the good ol' jumper. Made with our cosy CVC Slub fabric to keep you warm in style: 


The Little Black Dress

A little black dress, or LBD - is probably the most well-known must-haves in any feminine wardrobe. At Psylo, we love to go that extra mile to elevate your everyday style. Here are some of our favourite mini dresses, all made with soft organic cotton lycra: 


A Pair of Jeans

THE essential to your everyday look is a good pair of jeans. Staying true to our vision and style, Psylo's take on this wardrobe basic is guaranteed to elevate your everyday:



We know that most of Psylovers LOVE to move - dancing, yoga, martial arts, running, cycling or swimming, juggling and plenty more. That's why we design all our clothing and accessories to be extra comfy! Here are the comfiest of all - our joggers with a twist: 



Going for an easy-going look doesn't need to be boring, and accessories are wonderful for adding playfulness to your style. Here are some of our best basic accessories: 


Ready for More? 

Explore our dedicated collections for the foundation of your everyday personal style: 

Basics for Her

Basics for Him

Basics Accessories

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