Psylo Fashion guide: what is streetwear and how to wear it

What Is Streetwear?

Since creating “ethical streetwear” is the broadest definition of what we do here at Psylo - thought to share more about what is streetwear, the inspirations and influences of street style, and our style guide on how to wear streetwear ethically. 

Inspirations & Origins of Streetwear

As its name suggests - streetwear is a style rooted in the streets. More than a style, it can be seen as a movement. Created by those who seek to express themselves through what they wear, while rebelling for what they believe in.

Streetwear style first emerged in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s from New York’s hip hop fashion and California’s skate and surfing cultures. As a style, it draws various inspirations from hip-hop, new wave, heavy metal, to punks, skate and surfing cultures, to influences sportswear, workwear, Japanese streetwear fashion, and haute couture - to create a unique manifestation of urban fashion styles. Bringing all those elements together in a casual, comfortable and unique clothing - known as streetwear.

By the 1990's, fast-fashion houses like Nike and other sportswear big names, or high-end designers such as Gucci or DKNY, picked up on the trend. They created the "Logo T-shirt" and the "designer jeans", and made streetwear as wide-known and mainstream as it is today. Still today, you can find the original streetwear spirit if you look away from the mainstream. The attitude of creating your own style, to express your unique personality - is still alive n kicking! 

The cultures and inspirations which originally shaped the streetwear style - also contributed to its spirit. Building on the rebellious punk and the surfing culture of DIY, are commonly seen in all underground streetwear sub-genres. For us here at Psylo, streetwear is an expression of all subcultures; the festivals and raves communities, travellers, goths, cyber punks, rock, Steampunk, yogies, organic vegans and ecstatic dancers... All rebelling the mainstream through their unique style. 

Man sitting wearing Psylo fashion ethical streetwear sweater hoodie
Woman wearing Psylo fashion ethical streetwear hoodie cropped jacket and long dress

Original streetwear outfits are emerging from the streets we’re walking and are constantly changing. It’s a style expressing a moment in time. Street fashion is the urban style worn by the People, mixing garments to create a personal style that is also part of a movement. That’s why there is no “hard definition” of what is streetwear - it’s an urban style that is ever changing, and responding to what is happening NOW.

How to Wear Streetwear Style

At its essence, streetwear is about “wearing your heart on your sleeve” - dressing to express your values and unique identity. It’s also about wearing what you find away from the mainstream high street or mall. So supporting independent designers (like Psylo!), thrifting, or making your own - are the ways forward to getting right original streetwear outfits. 

Styling streetwear means taking up a very counterculture and niche style. To get this right the number #1 tip is using a lot of free-styling - to bring out your personality.

For those who want more tips, where to get started, or how to do it Psylo style with our best streetwear outfits inspirations - read on!

Mix & Match

Key to achieving an original urban style is sampling, mixing, remixing and creating your own forms of self-expression through the clothing you wear. It’s about wearing your unique clothing mixed & matched to create your own style.

An easy way to achieve this is by curating a look, based on mixing unique styles you've collected over the years from other independent designers, or thrifted at 2nd hand markets or charity shops. Or by putting on some basics, mixed with the more luxurious garments, like our Designers’ Collection

Man and woman wearing Psylo fashion ethical streetwear graphic tee and baggy pants

Comfortable & Baggy Cuts

A key definition of streetwear is casual wear.

Or, in other words - get comfy!

Being a casual dress-code and with strong influences from sportswear, classic clothes in a comfortable fit are streetwear staples. From the DIY or graphic tees, to tracksuits, streetwear shorts or leggings and streetwear hoodies - are all styles essentials for your streetwear outfits. When in doubt - wearing your clothes in baggy or oversized cuts would defo resonate those street-style vibes.

For more inspiration on the best streetwear outfits in baggy cuts, check out our style guide: “Baggy Trousers, Edgy Top”. 

DIY & Limited Editions

Dressing street style is making a BIG statement with what you wear. At its origin, streetwear meant creating your own twist on familiar graphics with lots of political and social commentary. Back in the 1980's, before streetwear became a mainstream hit, Punks were DIYing their graphic streetwear T-shirts, to express political statements. With street style deriving also from urbanwear, hip-hop and surfing DIY cultures, it’s of no surprise that the #1 symbol of streetwear has always been the exceptional streetwear T-shirt.

Those are also the roots for the limited edition printed T-shirts. Printed with a design which is unique and individual, part of a small family in this world. Our printed tops and tees also carry handmade details, to give them that rough, “unfinished” look. The inspirations for our print designs are evolving in each collection, keeping to the motifs that surround and inspire Psylo's designers in Bali, and the artists we collaborate with. Expect to find ancient symbolism infused together from various cultures and served with a modern twist. We make them with love and skills, using natural and organic fabrics that do & feel good. Plus, all our screen-print designs are made in small batches, and mostly as limited editions. Making them pretty unique for your personal streetwear outfits. 

Explore our essentials streetwear collections: 



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