Wishing You A Happy New 2023!

Wishing You A Happy 2023


Thank you for being here. 

I’m Ami Ganiel, the art director, designer and one of the two co-founders here at Psylo. Today I’m sharing with you this personal message to welcome 2023. Before 2022 ends and the new 2023 year begins is the perfect moment to pause for a reflection:

Since first envisioning the Psylo concept at the dancefloor back in the 90s, we’ve come a long way. Back then, it was just Dan and I, creating & selling unique designs out of our backpacks. Today, our Bali HQ supports 80+ families in the local community, and more through our seven worldwide flagship stores. Where we actively promote more ethical and alternative [life] styles. Just this year we opened a second shop in Bali at Canggu, and will be opening a couple more in Tulum shortly.

It’s the support of our followers, like you, that enables us to keep pushing boundaries. And for this, I’m forever grateful. Thank you for being here.

Wishing you and loved ones a happy, healthy & prosperous 2023 year. 

Ami Ganiel & The Psylo Team.  



Banner photo by Yiran Yang on Unsplash


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Hi Ami & the team, thank you for the new year wishes! I love your brand and have been a fan of your brand for about 15 years, I shop in your Camden store. The staff in there are consistently friendly, energetic and really professional. Honestly, thank YOU all so much!!!! All the best for 2023, keep on inspiring us xxx


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