Collection: Psylo's Capsule Wardrobe 2022 Edition


The idea is that one doesn’t need many items or an endless wardrobe to look stylish 24/7. In curating the RIGHT clothing, you can mix-and-match to achieve various looks. Following this concept, you can dress with minimum items for every occasion, while expressing your personal style. Perfect for travelling light!

Beyond minimalism, this concept goes against fast-fashion trends that require you to update your entire closet every season. It’s aimed at decluttering your closet from unnecessary clothing which you never wear. As well as focusing your consumption on clothes you truly love and need, and that are going to last you for years to come…. In building your capsule wardrobe, it’s those timeless, essential styles that you want.

For this reason, the bigger part of each of our collections is made up of those essential Psylo styles. This timeless wear represents our fantasies and dreams, beyond history and changing fashion. It’s also why you’ll find the Psylo collections curated from versatile styles. Which are also designed to complement each other. And while you can find more about the capsule wardrobe, including tips on how to curate your own in our guide, here are the styles making up Psylo's capsule wardrobe 2022 edition.