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Costume Therapy

Futuristic Amphibian Choker by Costume Therapy

Futuristic Amphibian Choker by Costume Therapy

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Open-ended, exoskeletal choker by Costume Therapy. This necklace is composed of overlapping vertebrae connected with a wire spine to offer a highly adaptable fit. Each vertebra is individually cast and fused together to allow flexible articulation that aligns intuitively with your body. High polished finish enhances its sculptural features and adds a futuristic sheen.

Can be worn as a collar, face front or reverse.

  • Material: Signature alloy of brass and titanium
  • Dimensions: Length: 40cm | Inner diameter: Adjustable from 12cm to 17cm | Opening: Opens up to 13cm wide | Each vertebra: 2.2cm (width), 2.2cm (height) | Central pendant: 4cm (length), 5cm (width), 2.7cm (height)
  • Weight: 136 grams

It comes in a customised jewellery box.

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