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November 18, 2022

After already packing top expert tips to help you nail the perfect gifts for your loved ones in our How to Shop for the Perfect Gift in 5 Simple Steps guide. Based on 20+ years of experience, we also shared with you a compilation of top gift recommendations in this Psylo's Ethical Gift Guide. For those of you who are looking for fresh inspirations, or for gift-shopping advice that is more of a “point in the right direction”, rather than specific rules to follow - this ethical gift guide 2022 edition is just for you!



Get Creative

Expressing your artistic flair by getting crafty is a great way to gift sustainably. When you create a gift for your loved one especially, it also makes the gift more personal. You see, we here at Psylo believe that during the process of creation, the creator’s energy at the time of creation is becoming part of the artefact. When we create with love, our gifts carry the energy of our creation.


Gift Experiences

Going on an adventure together with your loved one/s is one of the best gifts to give. You’ll be having fun together and making memories for a lifetime! Plan a trip together, book a spa day or a workshop, get those concert, festival or theatre tickets - whatever rocks your boat. Go for some exceptional experience that both you and your loved one enjoy doing together.



Shopping for pre-loved gifts is a great way to opt for a more sustainable practice. Especially if you enjoy thrifting. As they say: “one women’s junk, is another’s treasure!”. Some great places to start your thrifting are secondhand, vintage or charity shops in your local area. Or online check out eBay or Beyond Retro. The Depop app is great, too!


Support independent artisans

Buying directly from designers not only supports their creative work, but also cuts down and exposes supply chains. For example, Psylo’s wear is handcrafted from sustainable raw materials, turning them into beautiful statement pieces. From up-cycling fabric scraps to empowering local artisans, our commitment to responsible sourcing is visible at every step of the way. We design & make our collections in our headquarters on the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia. Fiber by fiber, all our clothing & accessories are ethically-handmade by skilful women and men preserving their culture and traditions.



Those looking to gift their loved ones edgy & ethical clothing or accessories will enjoy gifting an intimate, durable, and practical present. Soft to your loved-one/s skin and the environment alike. While shopping for your clothing could already be part of your routine, shopping for others is almost always trickier (yet more rewarding!). As an easy option, we always recommend easy-to-fit accessories, like gloves or scarves. Jewellery is also a wonderful, personal gift. Especially the body adornments by Costume Therapy, which are designed to empower and transform the wearer, make for a powerful gift. Other great choices for intimate gifts are tops for women or jumpers for men. They will wrap around your loved one/s, reminding them that you care. You can find more specific recommended gifts from our shop in Psylo's Ethical Gift Guide. For more tips & advice, read our guide: How to Shop for the Perfect Gift in 5 Simple Steps.



Got great gift recommendations? How do you shop ethically? What tips do you have? Add your voice & advice by commenting below.

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