Mudra Statue, inspiration for Psylo's streetwear latest collection

Of Symbols, Inspiration and Style // Winter 2019

With each new collection, Psylo's design team brings you new artwork designs, screen-printed on alternative clothing and unique cuts. For this collection’s inspiration, with our design studio based in Bali - Psylo’s design team took inspiration from local traditions of art and crafts, from Indonesia and the surrounding area. In this new collection, you’ll find four unique prints motifs;

Motif #1

Islamic Mosque Architecture inspiration pattern design

Islamic Architecture, image source: 

The new Jaya print features tribal patterns from Papua, mixed with an Islamic geometric mandala central icon. Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world - making it a strong symbol of local culture. Combining these 2 different cultural elements reflects Bali’s strong history of co-existence of the different local religions.  

You may find the Jaya design embellishing the following styles;

Motif #2

batik printing

 Traditional Batik Printing

Psylo’s new Batik print is inspired by an ancient craft form. Batik is a technique in which wax is applied to the cloth. The cloth is then dyed, while the wax is protecting certain parts of the fabric from colouring. The wax is then removed - revealing the pattern left by the wax. 

The Indonesian Batik technique is considered the most developed in terms of pattern, technique, and the quality of workmanship, and was even declared as a ‘Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO in 2009. Inspired by this local tradition, you may find our Batik print carried through the following styles;

Motif #3

Of Symbols, Inspiration and Style // Winter 2019

Mudra Buddha Statue

Mudra in Sanskrit means "seal", "mark", or "gesture". Common among Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism - it’s a symbolic, or ritual, gesture or pose. Often used in meditation and yoga to direct consciousness through certain parts of the body. Each Mudra symbolises a certain meaning, such as peace and friendliness. A hand gesture like this can be seen in the following designs;

Motif #4

tradition geisha

Traditional Geisha Painting

Japanese culture is closely linked and often shares cultural influences with Indonesia. The word 'Geisha' means an artist or a performing artist. Geishas are skilled artists, highly trained in performing music and dance. They are a symbol of beauty, mystery, and intrigue in Japanese culture. Psylo’s new Geisha print was developed in collaboration with tattoo artist Mahyar Traveller. This unique print can be seen through the following styles;

Japanese style and culture inspired more than a print in this new collection, and more than just this collection itself. Some cuts in this collection, and previous collections, were inspired by traditional Japanese wrap-around cuts, others by workmen clothing. You may find this influence in the following Psylo styles;

Motif #5

With the current season in the Northern hemisphere being winter, Psylo’s designers wanted you to keep warm in style. For this, we’re bringing you new streetwear hoodies, sweaters, and throw-on layers - just in time for the colder months. These new styles are made from our thicker fabrics; double knitted CVC cotton slub or our soft rayon french terry, making them warm and cosy. Check out these new favourite winter warmers;

Psylo’s streetwear clothing and accessories have always taken inspiration from diverse cultures from across the world. The strong essence of various ethnic elements can be seen through our prints inspirations, to special, unique cuts. These symbolize and represent our strive for freedom of expression and collective consciousness. This year’s winter new collection is no exception.  

How do you like our new styles? Reply in the comments and let us know!

With love, Psylo Team

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