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“Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can truly be.”

Welcome this glorious season of rejuvenation with this special style edit. While nature is putting on its best looks, join the celebration wearing our new statement styles. Like all Psylo’s streetwear, these original pieces are consciously-crafted to the highest quality. Bringing together boldness, comfort & style - in versatile clothing that once you put it on, you will not want to take off… 

Our soft-to-touch natural fabrics served to you in cuts which are relaxed and unique at the same time. Incorporating signature sewing techniques, or decorated with exceptional prints, and other subtle (or not-so-subtle) detailing - for these attention-grabbing looks.

Before moving to talk about these latest statement streetwear, here is a short video showing how our hand-woven cotton is made [you’ll find this fabric featuring on our Imma Hoodie Kaftan, Dek Track Pants, Mali Hooded Vest, Kimono Kaftan & Indah Kaftan]

After the long winter, celebrating this glorious season with attention-grabbing looks. Our alternative streetwear featuring here is recommended for her, him, everybody and every body. Created with our lighter natural fabrics for better breathability during the warmer season. These fabrics are also extra flowy, making them perfect for layering style (for layering tips see: How to Layer Clothes - Streetwear Edition). Ready to meet our new favourites? 

Introducing: Our Latest Statement Wear

Norther Skirted Pants Psylo Fashion Streetwear Spring Style Edit

#1 The Edgy

Inspired by Japanese work-men trousers - wear this one to make a style statement. The extreme low crotch gives its unique cut of ¾ shorts or midi skirt. It’s adjustable to fit with snap-buttons closure on the sides, plus a double tie-belt closure for easy fit. Hand-finished with custom-made metal studs for signature punk touch. Shop our Northern Skirted Pants here.

Killa Long Tuni Dress Light Jacket Psylo Fashion Streetwear Spring Style Edit

#2 The Flowy

A unique piece to dress up or down, open or buttoned-up - as a dress, or an extra flowy light jacket. Made from our soft & light fabric, it’s side panels are screen-printed with the Tibetan ‘Miracle at Śrāvastī’ - when the Buddha multiplied himself a 1,000 times, leaving his critics awestruck. Back gathering hand-finished with custom-made metal studs, for signature punk- touch. Perfect for layering, and adding style to your outfit. Shop our Killa Tunic here.

Slow Jacket Psylo Fashion Streetwear Spring Style Edit

#3 The Essential

Make a statement wearing this Psylo-style trench coat. Made from our cotton and linen natural fabrics, this collared long jacket comes in mid-thigh length. The subtle screen-print design is inspired by sacred geometry, balanced with custom made metal studs. Full of handmade and hand-finished details - making each piece unique. Shop our Slow Jacket here.

G Pants Psylo Fashion Streetwear Spring Style Edit

#4 The Smart-Casual

This pair of our strong cotton trousers are full of handmade details, to fit your personal style day and night. To the classic straight-leg cut we’ve added a single pin-tuck, along each leg, giving a formal alternative look. Balanced by subtle screen-printed detailing around the left cuff. Dress it up in your size, or take a size up and pair with a belt - for a baggy look. Comfortable and stylish, an easy choice for your smart-casual streetwear. Shop our G Pants here.

Nin Samurai Kaftan Psylo Fashion

#5 The Bold

Inspired by traditional samurai dress, wear this modern day kaftan for making a bold statement. Made from our thin cotton linen - giving the natural look & feel of the Linen fabric, together with the strength of the Cotton. This fabric is hand-dyed and underwent an ‘Enzyme softening wash’ process to give it a better drip on the body. Shop our Nin Samurai Kaftan here.

Imma Hooded Cape Kaftan Psylo Fashion

#6 The Head-turner

This long statement vest is adorned with hand-printed original ‘Endak’ fabric from Bali. This cotton fabric is handwoven, following ancient traditions. While the plain fabric panels are made from our 100% bamboo fabric which is light and breathable. It comes in one-size and easy fit to every body. Adjustable with an inner belt - you can wear open or close. Perfect for flowy layering in unique tribal streetwear style. Shop our Imma Hooded Kaftan here.

This new statement streetwear is part of our latest collection which was designed for maximum comfort, with a touch of magic & fantasy. Discover more styles from this release by clicking:


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