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“Words create reality, not the other way around.”- Catharina Raudvere

Our upcoming Summer collection 2018 is inspired by the symbolic art of the 'Runes' and Norse mythology. The Runes was a writing system developed at the start of the 1st century by the Germanic people of Northern Europe and Britain. The Runes, initially meaning Mystery or Secret, functioned as letters but were much more than that.

Like in other ancient languages, each Rune was a pictograph of a cosmological concept and had power, or energy, in them. Writing or speaking a Rune with the correct intention was to invoke and to direct the magical element of that symbol.

Throughout this collection, we used some powerful Runes such as the pictographs meaning "Fearless", "Integrity" and "Strength", to inspire each wearer. On some styles, the rune symbol was used as a standout emblem, striking and bold. On other designs, a string of Runes created an abstract pattern, incorporating a full secret message.


SS18: inspiration & style - Psylo Fashion


Another print design in this collection is inspired by the Norse myth of "Jörmungandr" - a Dragon which grew so large that it could encircle the world and grasp its tail in its teeth. Born of a giantess and a god, this dragon is the arch-enemy of god Thor. It is foretold that when it releases its tail, an apocalypse will begin, submerging the world in water...

Runes were traditionally carved into stone, wood, bone, metal, or some similarly hard surfaces. This explains their sharp, angular form, which was well-suited to the medium. Inspired by these forms, throughout the collection, more angular cuts can be found among our signature asymmetric style.

SS18: inspiration & style - Psylo Fashion

Natural fabrics continue to play a central role in our choice of materials. It follows both our vision and values, as well as adding softness, lightness, and comfort to the clothes. The organic theme continues in this collection color palette, too. Dark, black and blue, natural, olive and plum give a natural look while keeping true to the Ethno-Punk style. We also used a smokey print effect, to add texture and resonate mystery.

SS18: inspiration & style - Psylo Fashion
SS18: inspiration & style - Psylo Fashion

For those who identify with Psylo's edgy style and our values - this collection of alternative clothing will get you ready for summer in a unique style. We hope that by learning about Runes and Norse mythology, you will be inspired to use your word as a strong and immutable force, capable of creating or destroying one's reality.

Love, the Psylo Team ღ

SS18: inspiration & style - Psylo Fashion

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Ольга Куликова
Ольга Куликова

June 21, 2018

Спасибо! Интересно написано ))

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