How We Make 3 latest Psylo fashion Style ethical alternative streetwear

Sustainable Fashion: How Our Lines Are Manufactured

Alternative Streetwear Manufacturing Secrets from Psylo

Here at Psylo we take pride in creating our clothing & accessories at our independent factory. Consolidating all stages of production under one roof allows us to oversee all processes and ensure that highest-quality, together with sustainable & fair practices are kept.

Another benefit of creating all of our designs at our Bali HQ is that we get to share more about how we make Psylo’s alternative streetwear. We believe that transparency is a big part of sustainability - opening the discussion into how things are made and what that means for the environment and people alike. Part of our mission here at Psylo is to encourage these conversations by opening our doors and inviting into our factory.

Giving you a glimpse behind the scenes, we’re delighted to be sharing from how we make your clothes;

Focus On The Making of 3 New Psylo Styles

#1 Geo Harem Pants

Designed for comfort, these unique harem pants are made from our 100% woven Rayon. Soft & light fabric, this bio-based fiber is made with cellulose by dissolving wood pulp. After cutting the fabric, we screen-print it with an all-over geometrical pattern, part of our Sacred Geometry-inspired lines. This traditional printing method ensures the print will last longest! Comes with 2 side pockets and elastic band for easy fit.


Geo Harem Pants and Brush Hoodie by Psylo fashion

#2 Nin Samurai Kaftan

Inspired by traditional samurai dress this style makes a bold statement. This modern-tribal kaftan is made from our thin cotton linen. Which has the natural look & feel of the Linen fabric, together with the strength of the Cotton. To this luxurious fabric we’re adding custom-made metal studs and sparkly ribbon detailing- giving it the Psylo touch. Adding to its functionality this style has a big zipped pocket on the back. Plus a tie-up belt closure that you can play around with how you wear it. 


Nin Samurai Kaftan by Psylo Fashion

#3 Northern Skirt Pants

Inspired by Japanese work-men trousers, this style is consciously-crafted with lots of handmade details. Made from our thin Canvas Stretch, to the unique cut of ¾ shorts meets midi skirt, we add custom-made snap-buttons closures on both sides. Plus custom-made studding decoration and a double-tie closure for easily adjusting to fit.


Northern Skirted Pants and Cropped Hoodie Jacket by Psylo Fashion

More About The Collection 

These 3 styles are part of our Free Style collection. This collection, which we started launching in 2020, is all about celebrating comfort while expressing unique style. Find out more about:

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More About Sustainability @ Psylo

As conscious people striving for a life of awareness, we try to take the utmost care of our environment and all life around us. Find our more about: 

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>>> Saying No to Plastics! 

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