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Upcoming Festivals 2024

As 2024 keeps rolling in, here is an update to our previous Festivals 2023 Recommendations. While you will find some gatherings mentioned in both festival guides, we mostly aimed to give a fresh perspective with plenty of new names on this current list.


Bahidorá Festival

Location: Monterey, Mexico

Dates: Friday, 16th February 2024 until Sunday, 18th February 2024.


Launched in 2013, this festival celebrates diverse genres of music, including electronic, rock, and world music, with an emphasis on promoting emerging artists and cultural exchange. All are served with tropical vibes.

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Tribal Gathering

Location: Panama

Dates: Saturday, 9th March 2024 until Monday, 25th March 2024.


A summit of indigenous tribes from all around the world, this gathering ends with a bang of a 5-days electronic music festival. It is also set on a gorgeous tropical beach, which elevates the whole experience even more!

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Psy Clothing



Texas Eclipse Festival

Location: Reveille Peak Ranch, Texas, USA

Dates: Friday, 5th April 2024 until Tuesday, 9th April 2024.


The one for the eclipse-chasers will be the last U.S. total solar eclipse for 20 years. This gathering will take place at Reveille Peak Ranch. Nestled deep within the Texas Hill Country, the location offers beautiful lakes, winding creeks, wooded forests and rolling hills. Topped with a tasty line-up and a full solar eclipse, prepare to experience the event of a lifetime.

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Festival Wear



Transition Festival

Location: Almonte, Spain

Dates: Wednesday, 1st May 2024 until Monday, 6th May 2024


This psychedelic trance festival is one of the earlier gatherings on the European summer calendar. Set in a pine forest in the south of Spain, it’s a magical party to open the season with!

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Psy Clothing



Wave Gotik Treffen aka WGT

Location: Leipzig, Germany

Dates: Friday, 17th May 2024 until Monday, 20th May 2024


The biggest Gothic gathering in the world returns this year for its 31st edition. Wave Gotik Treffen, also known as WGT (pronounced as in German ‘ve-ge-te’) is the annual meet-up of dark lovers. Celebrating gothic culture in various dedicated events across town, this one is not to be missed!

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Dark & Edgy Style



Fusion Festival

Location: Lärz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany

Dates: Wednesday, 26th June 2024 until Sunday, 30th June 2024


This carnival of the senses takes place at an old airfield. Known for its eclectic lineup and vibrant countercultural atmosphere, Fusion gained a reputation as one of Europe's most unique and influential festivals.

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Burning Mountain Festival

Location: Zernez, Switzerland

Dates: Thursday, 27th June 2024 until Sunday, 30th June 2024


This 4-day psychedelic festival offers attendees a transformative and immersive experience that combines cutting-edge electronic music, artistic expression, communal spirit, and appreciation for the natural beauty of the Swiss Alps.

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Psy Clothing




Location: Clisson, France

Dates: Thursday, 27th June 2024 until Sunday, 30th June 2024


Hellfest is not only the biggest music festival in France, it is also one of the biggest heavy metal events in Europe. Expect an impressive lineup of bands spanning various subgenres of heavy metal, including but not limited to, thrash metal, death metal, black metal, power metal, and doom metal. Along with other attractions such as art installations, exhibitions, tattoo artists, and more!

Go-to outfit style:

Dark & Edgy Style



Master of Puppets

Location: Bystřice nad Pernštejnem, Czech Republic

Dates: Monday, 1st July 2024 until Sunday, 7th July 2024


A week-long psychedelic gathering set in the beautiful Czech countryside. The musical theme of Masters of Puppets is dark, fast and hard - dedicated to Hi-tech, dark psy, psycore, forest and other dark subgenres. Most people would think this music is mental, but the MOP festival celebrates it.

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Noisily Festival

Location: Barkestone Wood, United Kingdom

Dates: Thursday, 11th July 2024 until Sunday, 14th July 2024


Our favourite UK dancefloor, Noisily showcases a diverse lineup of electronic music genres, emphasising underground sounds like techno, house, drum and bass, and psychedelic trance. It also promotes art installations, workshops, and a holistic approach to wellness - creating a vibrant and immersive experience.

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Festival Wear



Antaris Project

Location: Germany

Dates: Friday, 12th July 2024 until Monday, 15th July 2024


One of the oldest psytrance festivals, this year Antaris returns for its 28th edition. Expect an immersive journey into the world of psychedelic music and culture, with a lineup of renowned psytrance artists, as well as visionary art installations, workshops, and other interactive experiences.

Go-to outfit style:

Psy Clothing




Location: Het Hulsbeek, Oldenzaal, Netherlands

Dates: Wednesday, 17th July 2024 until Sunday, 21st July 2024


After a four-year break, our beloved Psy-fi is coming back in full power! Expect a plush new location for this beautiful psychedelic trance gathering and an amazing reunion of the PsyFi community. 

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Psy Clothing




Location: Ozora, Hungary

Dates: Friday, 26th July 2024 until Tuesday, 6th August 2024


There are currently two you may name the biggest psytrance festival in the world: Boom and Ozora. Since Boom is a biannual gathering that will take place next in 2025, expect this year’s Ozora dancefloor to be even bigger than usual. This means even more electrifying vibes and a magical experience to have!

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Psy Clothing




Location: Velenje, Slovenia

Dates: Sunday, 28th July 2024 until Saturday, 3rd August 2024


Set in the Slovenian countryside, MetalDays brings together a diverse lineup of metal bands with the beautiful location of Lake Velenje.

Go-to outfit style:

Dark & Edgy Style



Mo:Dem Memento Demento

Location: Croatia

Dates: Monday, 5th August 2024 until Sunday, 11th August 2024


Inviting participants to delve into the realms of psychedelic culture and consciousness expansion, Modem is best known for its focus on underground psychedelic music. Featuring a diverse lineup of artists representing the darker subgenres within the psychedelic trance spectrum, it is also an immersive and transformative experience - combining music, art, workshops, and community.

Go-to outfit style:

Psy Clothing



Hadra Trance Festival

Location: Vieure, France

Dates: Thursday, 22nd August 2024 until Sunday, 25th August 2024


Hadra is the biggest celebration of psychedelic trance culture in France. This 4-days celebration focuses on showcasing various styles of psychedelic trance music, including progressive, full-on, dark, and forest trance across three stages.

Go-to outfit style:

Psy Clothing



Free Earth Festival

Location: Azapiko Beach, Halkidiki, Greece

Dates: Tuesday, 27th August 2024 until Sunday, 1st September 2024


Five days of psychedelic trance on a Greek beach? Yes, please!

Go-to outfit style:

Psy Clothing



Burning Man 2024: Curiouser & Curiouser

Location: Black Rock City, Nevada, USA

Dates: Sunday, 25th August 2024 until Monday, 2nd September 2024


The “Mecca” of gatherings, Burning Man is not a festival but a temporary city created entirely by its citizens, who are active participants in the experience. needs no further introduction. With this year’s theme being “Couriouser & Couriouser”, prepare to celebrate puzzles without answers, embrace the irrational and the absurd, and invite the unknown over for tea.

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Festival Wear




Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Dates: October 2024


A branch of the international electronic music and digital arts festival MUTEK, showcasing innovative electronic music performances, audiovisual presentations, and digital art installations from both local and international artists. The festival focuses on forward-thinking electronic music genres such as experimental techno, ambient, glitch, and IDM, while also exploring the intersection of technology and creativity.

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Banner image: Mayan Warrior at Burning Man 2018 (photo by Trey Ratcliff).

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