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Our psychedelic fashion collection is an urban-modern take on Psy clothing. It includes collaborations with visionary artists, sacred geometry and psychedelic symbolism inspirations. The result is psy clothing that is designed to celebrate free expression and collective consciousness.

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What Is Psy Clothing?

Psy clothing is a term used to describe fashion inspired by psychedelics and/or psytrance, both part of a wider range of art, graphics, or visuals connected to or inspired by psychedelic experiences (usually induced through hallucinatory drugs such as LSD and psilocybin*). "Psychedelic" means "mind-manifesting", so by definition, referring to artistic efforts to represent the inner world of the psyche. As an art movement, its origin dates back to the 1960’s counterculture. When beyond using distorted or surreal visuals, kaleidoscopes, and bright colours to evoke and enhance psychedelic experiences, it also carried revolutionary political, social, and spiritual motifs - inspired by insights gained through psychedelic states of consciousness. Nowadays, this artistic style may also refer to as “Visionary Art” - in which the artwork itself is a medium: a point of contact between the spiritual and material realms, a way to enter the space we visit during dreams and altered states of consciousness.

In this unique streetwear collection, you’ll find Psylo’s urban-modern take on the psy clothing style. Seen through various influences drawn from the psy movement. From collaborations with psy & visionary artists, such as Luke Brown, or Plazmalab collective. To sacred geometry themes, like our Zentangle and F.O.L line. Or holy symbolism, for example, our Jaya line. These styles are a manifestation of our designers’ minds, created for your free expression while celebrating our collective consciousness. These clothing are crafted to act as a portal, and as a reminder, to keep connected to the material and spiritual realms, throughout your everyday life.

Those psychedelic inspirations are combined with organic, sustainable, or upcycled materials - whenever and wherever we can. Meticulously handmade by our local team of artisans who love their crafts. Serving you what we here in Psylo like to call “clothing with consciousness”.

* Yup, that same psilocybin which inspired our name - Psylo. To discover more about our origins in the psytrance festival scene, and how it all started back in 1999, click here.

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