Music Festival 2023 Recommendations

Psylo's Music Festivals 2023 Recommendations

23 Gatherings to Look Forward to This Year

Usually, we will wait to talk about summer festivals and festival outfits until all Psylo's festival markets are all booked. This year, we thought - “why wait?!” After all, making plans for exciting summer adventures is one of the best cures for the classic “winter blues”. And anyway, it’s never too early to talk about festivals, music and fun plans.

Of course, there are +100s more amazing events happening around our world, so this list does not pretend to cover them all. Instead, it highlights some of the best events happening in our scene. This list includes events where you can expect to find the Psylo festival stall this summer. Plus few from our wish list.  Those that “if we could, we would” ;)

As the Psylo community is diverse and spread internationally, you'll find in this list many worldwide events. If you're planning to travel to participate in your fave gatherings, you'll also want to catch up on these Top Tips for Sustainable Holiday & Summer Adventures. Oh, and if you're wondering about what to pack, check out our recent guide: 5 Most Important Fashion Essentials for Festivals in 2023.


Now let’s dive into these top 23 music festival recommendations.


#1 Envision Festival

27th February - 6th March 2023 | Costa Rica

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic 

Nestled between the jungle and the beach, Envision Festival is an awakening of the soul. Focusing on the pillars of movement, spirituality, music, art, health, sustainability and education.

More info on Envision’s official website:


#2 Festival Ometeotl

31st March - 2nd April 2023 | Mexico

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic

A great party where spirit, land, art and music come together. Ometeotl is an artistic, ecological and cultural heritage gathering. It also gives a special place to chill out music as well, not a very common thing in the Mexican trance scene.

More info on Ometeotl’s official website:


#3 Lightning in a Bottle

24th - 29th May 2023 | United States

Recommended festival outfit style: Psychedelic / Boho - Chic

Since 2006, this music and art festival takes place in California annually. Promoting sustainability, social cohesion, and creative expression by mixing music, art, and culture. It won the "Outstanding Award" from A Greener Festival annually between 2011 to 2014 and was nominated for Festival of the Year 2017 at the Electronic Music Awards.

More info on LIB’s official website:


#4 Wave Gotik Treffen

26th - 29th May 2023 | Germany

Recommended festival outfit style: Dark / Cyberpunk

The biggest gothic gathering in the world offering a variety of all-night dance club parties, dark, medieval and gothic fairs, cultural exhibitions and performances, themed picnics, and so much more, spread across dozens of venues in Leipzig. WGT is not to be missed by dark-culture lovers. Spoiler: expect to find the Psylo stall at the Agra Market Hall

More info on WGT’s official website:


#5 Fusion Festival

28th June - 2nd July 2023 | Germany

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic 

Dating back to 1997, this counterculture music and art festival celebrates all styles of the underground electronic music scene and various more styles. It is a space for people to free their minds and share the love for music and art that connects different scenes and minds.

More info on Fusion’s official website:


#6 Noisily

6th - 9th July 2023 | United Kingdom

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic 

Rooted in underground electronic music, Noisily is the best UK party in the woods. It is a family forged in a holistic environment which feeds the mind, body and soul. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Noisily is also upgrading its site. So expect a new forest to explore.

More info on Noisily’s official website:


#7 Bass Coast Festival

7th - 10th July 2023 | Canada

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic 

Bass Coast Festival is an independent international exhibition of electronic music and art. It is a thoughtfully curated boutique music and arts festival and a safe and inclusive experience, with a global reputation for showcasing innovative international talent and providing a springboard for Canadian artists.

More info on Bass Coast’s official website:


#8 Boom Festival

20th - 27th July 2023 | Portugal

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic / Boho - Chic

Boom is a transformational, multidisciplinary, psychedelic and sustainable festival. It’s a global celebration of alternative culture which usually happens every two years. This year’s edition is themed “Radical Love” and will take place on Boomland during the waxing crescent moon. It's also one of the gatherings regularly on the Psylo summer festivals tour. Catch up on the previous edition by reading our article about Boom Festival 2022 Highlights.

More info on Boom’s official website:


#9 Fuji Rock Festival

28th - 30th July 2023 | Japan

Recommended festival outfit style: Dark / Psychedelic

With over 200 Japanese and international musicians playing across seven stages for three days, this is the largest outdoor music event in Japan. Do we need to say more? It's going to be mental.

More info on Fuji’s official website:


#10 Amphi Festival

29th - 30th July | Germany

Recommended festival outfit style: Dark / Cyberpunk

Amphi is an alternative, electronic and dark music festival in Cologne. Catering not only to a wide range of tastes, from electro and future pop to medieval rock and gothic rock, there are also discos, readings and theatre productions.

More info on Amphi’s official website:


#11 Ozora Festival

31st July - 6th August 2023 | Hungary

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic

Since the first edition back in 1999 eclipse gathering, it has been on top of the list of magical playgrounds, and one of Psylo's faves. The music spectrum covers everything psy - psytrance, ambient, techno, dub, acoustic, electronic, and more. ​​One of the largest psychedelic trance festivals in Europe, O.Z.O.R.A’s dancefloor is an experience that will blow your mind.

More info on Ozora’s official website:


#12 Garbicz Festival

2nd - 7th August 2023 | Poland

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic

Nestled within a magical oak forest alongside a cleared water lake, Garbicz is a non-commercial ecological music & arts festival. Celebrating its stunning natural scenery, enchanting lighting productions, and the creme de la creme of underground electronic music.

More info on Garbicz’s official website:


#13 Mo:Dem Memento Demento

7th - 13th August 2023 | Croatia

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic

Underground psychedelic sounds combined with cutting-edge visual and experimental art, and always pushing the boundaries of technical production is what makes Mo:Dem the unforgettable psy experience. This year, Zenon Records will be celebrating its 20th anniversary at the Swamp stage. Yummy!

More info on Modem’s official website:


#14 Boomtown Fair

9th - 13th August 2023 | United Kingdom

Recommended festival outfit style: Dark / Cyberpunk / Psychedelic

Boomtown offers its audience an immersive, theatrically-led experience with hundreds of actors bringing the film-like street sets to life. From mindblowing main stages to enchanting street venues, Boomtown's fully themed districts vibrate night and day to a soundtrack exploring everything from ska, folk, gypsy, reggae, world, punk, pirate and disco, via electro-swing, jazz, bluegrass, bass, jungle and techno. Winners for best production at the UK Festival Awards 2022 and Best Festival of 2022 at the Drum ‘n’ Bass Arena. this year’s Boom Town Fair’s chapter 2 the Twin Trail.

More info on Boomtown’s official website:


#15 Waldfrieden Wonderland Festival

10th - 13th August 2023 | Germany

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic

In German, ‘waldfrieden’ means “forest peace”, so expect a magical fairytale playground. One of the oldest psytrance festivals in the world, it's one of Psylo's favourites. This edition will be celebrating Waldfrieden’s 25th (!!) anniversary, so expect it to be special.

More info on Waldfrieden’s official website:


#16 Shambala

25th - 28th August 2023 | United Kingdom

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic

Shambala is anti-corporate, independent, & environmentally pioneering. It’s a playground for all ages, a space to play, reinvent, revitalise, and return to the world fuelled-up on the beauty of being alive. This year’s edition celebrates 20 years of Adventures In Utopia and is guaranteed to be a special one.

More info on Shambala’s official website:


#17 Burning Man

27th August - 4th September 2023 | United States

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic / Cyberpunk

Gearing up for your playa adventure and looking for outfit inspo? Check out our guide: Burning Man Outfits in Ethical Style. This year’s Burning Man theme is ANIMALIA, celebrating animals real and imagined, mythic and remembered. Exploring the curious mental constructs that allow us to believe that imagined animals are real, real animals are imagined, and that somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary, mankind is somehow not part of the animal kingdom. 

More info on Burning Man’s official website, where you'll also find links to local gatherings in your region:


#18 Wasteland Weekend

27th - 1st October 2023 | USA

Recommended festival outfit style: Post-Apocalyptic

A unique immersive music & arts gathering, this is the world’s largest post-apocalyptic festival. Set in the Mojave Desert, California, the theme is inspired by apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction, especially the Mad Max film. All attendees are required to dress-up accordingly and there are themed campsites and vehicles, live bands and DJs, fire, burlesque and many other performers.

More info on Wasteland Weekend’s official website:


#19 Tribal Gathering Eclipse Edition

10th - 16th October 2023 | Panama

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic / Boho - Chic

Using the universal language of music, Tribal Gathering Panama has been bringing people together since 2013. It is a global community of 60 Tribes from 35 countries coming together for 16 days of expansion, music & celebration. This year’s edition comes with a massive bonus of an Annular Eclipse.

More info on Tribal Gathering’s official website:


#20 Universo Parallelo

Late 2023 | Brazil

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic

This gathering is the heart and soul of the Brazilian Psy-trance community. It takes a New Year's Eve party and stretches it into a 10-day nonstop psychedelic music and lifestyle celebration. Full-on tropical vibes.

More info on UP’s official website:


#21 Wonderfruit

Late 2023 | Thailand

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic

This annual gathering explores wonder through art, culture, music, and nature at The Fields at Siam Country Club, outside Pattaya. Emphasising experiences that explore the relationship between the mind and nature, this festival features a farm, musical performances, art and architectural installations, talks, workshops, wellness activities, and feasts by renowned chefs.

More info on Wonderfruit’s official website:


#22 Rainbow Serpent

Late 2023 | Australia

Recommended festival outfit style: Psy / Psychedelic / Boho - Chic

A multi-day Music, Arts, Lifestyle and Cultural Festival operating since 1998 in the Pyrenees Shire. It evolved into an internationally renowned event from a small gathering in a secluded clearing. Known for electronic music, psychedelic trance, minimal techno, chill-out and many more genres, art installations, workshops, market stalls, healing arts, multicultural foods, and other attractions.

More info on Rainbow Serpent’s official website:


#23 Zamna Festival

Late 2023 - early 2024 | Mexico

Recommended festival outfit style: Boho - Chic / Psychedelic / Psy

This immersive electronic music festival has been set in the jungles of Tulum since 2017. Like many other Tulum productions, it attracts punters from over 110 countries and is also involved in events in the USA, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Brazil, Argentina, Qatar and Greece. In other words - expect a professional party production. These guys know what they're doing.

More info on Zamna's official website:



So there you have them - Psylo's top 23 music festivals to put in your 2023 dairy.

Now it's over to you - 

Which music festivals do you plan to go to in 2023?

Comment below to share your faves with the Psylo community. Add your voice and let's start the conversation about this topic we all love the most🤍

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Banner photo taken at Boom Festival 2022 by Sauriêl Creative - Samantha Leigh Scholl @saurielsamfairy

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