Burning Man Outfits in Ethical Style

Burning Man Outfits in Ethical Style


What to Wear at Burning Man

After the long-awaited break, the excitement for this summer’s festivals is simply impossible to contain. For those already planning your summer adventures, we’ve compiled this inspirational guide packed with the best Burning Man outfits you could be rockin’ the playa with this summer. While Burning Man fashion became known as an aesthetic of lots of sparkly gear, this kind of clothing usually also means lots of plastic. That’s why, as slow fashion advocates, it’s important for us to highlight in this guide the more organic styles you could wear to the playa with a cleaner consciousness.

For inspiration, the Psylo design team always love looking at diverse cultures across space & time and this style edit follows this exact tradition. Naturally, for a desert-themed style guide, the Burning Man outfits recommended here finds inspirations in the nomad tribes who’s been travelling across the desert for centuries. This aesthetic lands itself to long, flowy cuts, ethnic prints and a natural colour palette. Balanced by our signature punk elements which are raw, almost post apocalyptic, inspired by SciFi fantasies such as Mad Max.

Burning Man festival

Image: Burning Man 2010 by Christopher Michel via Wikimedia Commons 


Another theme which runs through every Psylo collection and was super relevant to guide the Burning Man outfits curated here is versatility. Being able to mix-and-match a small number of styles to create a new look every time is a fundamental guideline for building a capsule wardrobe, like the one you’ll be packing for your adventure. So the key elements offered here to include in your Burning Man 2022 look were thought-through to work great together or individually apart - giving you various looks and style options.

To ride your desert adventure in style, here are 5 key elements to include in your Burning Man outfit: 



A Winning Ethical Top

The first must-have to include in your BM adventure capsule wardrobe is a good top. You’ll want to go for natural fabrics, like our 100% organic cotton, organic cotton lycra, or mixed with bamboo. These will give you great breathability while being kind to the environment, too. Most recommended for a desert adventure is a funky crop top, or one of our men’s sleeveless hoodies for a unique easy-going style.



Sustainable Kimonos & Kaftans

The ultimate desert wear. Made from natural fabrics in flowy cuts, our kimonos & kaftans are super easy to fit and extra comfortable to wear. Giving you a stylish Burning Man outfit with minimum effort. Go for a light version that gives you lots of breathability while protecting your skin from the harsh sun. Like Alekai’s Kaya Robe, or our Forest Hooded Long Vest. Or go for a thicker version, like our Maha Kaftan, to keep you cozy over the cold nights.


artist Danial @darkoski wearing Alekai’s kaftan at Burning Man, via Instagram

Image: artist Danial @darkoski wearing a design by Alekai, via Instagram



Cool Ethical Bottoms

Another desert-style classic must-have’s are Aladdin or Harem Pants. These would pair great with your kimono or kaftans for a full-impact eastern look, or with that crop top or sleeveless hoodie we mentioned already - for a more futuristic look.



Pixie Skirt That Respects Nature

Channel those desert peace warrior vibes wearing any of our pixie skirts. You can layer these over your Aladdin or Harem pants, or wear on its own. Keep in mind that especially our wrap skirts are unisex, and look real good on men, too.



The Essential Accessories with Consciousness 

Last but not least are your Playa essentials - cool shades to protect your eyes, an organic cotton lycra dust mask to cover and protect your face, and a sturdy pockets belts for keeping your valuables safe. Our unique bags come with lots of rings and extra hooks to attach all you need and keep your hand free. Trust in dust - you need this.


So there you have them - 5 key elements for a Burning Man outfit that will carry you in comfort & style on your desert adventure, and beyond.


Header image by Jon Collier via Flickr: https://flickr.com/photos/imnotquitejack/8004895550/

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