Evgeny Bam

Since his arrival in Bali from Russia, he started leaving his footprint on wall murals which can be seen in various places all across the island. His work combines geometry and traditional art, spiced up with an illustration of spirituality. The subject of his art that can be seen on the urban walls in Bali ranges from Cat-Dogs, Orthodox Saints, Talking Fish, and many others; all of which are very distinctive. He calls his pictorial style a "Modern Native Art". Using paper, linen, and urban walls as his canvas, Bam quickly establishes his style which can easily be recognized. 

Our collaboration with him begun during the creation of Summer 2016 Collection, which was inspired by The Legend of 13 Crystal Skulls. You can see his original illustration below, which we applied to the following styles:

Alien Tee

Alien Sleeveless Hoodie

Alien Boxer Briefs

Crystal Skulls Tee

Tuk Tuk Tee


Evgeny Bam Evgeny Bam


You can see more of his artwork on Instagram

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