Psylo Premiere: Summer 2017 Concept Photoshoot

Psylo Premiere: Summer 2017 Concept Photoshoot


For our Summer ‘17 collection photoshoot, we looked for a special location. One which combines this collection’s inspiration - Rock or Cave Art, with Psylo’s urban, underground feel. Luckily, with the Psylo studio being located in Bali, we were close by to the perfect location.

Taman Festival Park is a deserted theme park in Sanur, Bali. Abandoned just before built was finished, it was left to be swallowed by nature. The local Balinese belief that abandoned places are haunted by ghosts, together with an urban local legend about man-eating crocodiles roaming the park - all add to the spookiness of the place. A little similar to what some may feel towards caves, which was part of what we were after...

But the thing which attracted us the most this location wasn’t the spiders the size of your hand. Not even the small temple at the center of the park. It was the bizarre collection of decapitated statues and graffitied walls. This quirky open-air gallery is an unusual collaboration between street artists and nature, growth and decay. The unique mix of urban art, giving space to nature and ethnic stories and influences is what Ethno Punk is all about. The perfect backdrop for Psylo’s Summer ‘17 designs.

Video Credits: 

Design & Concept: The Psylo Team

Styling: Shoki
Photographer: David Murrell
Videographer: Andryz
Makeup & Hair: Kat O'Hara
Models: Fernanda, Raluka, Ira, Sofia Selina, Sergio, Ernesto
Music: Hraach 'Madness'
Head Mask - Katerina, High Psy Couture
Jewellery - Mayan, Aparato Jewelry
Accessories - Lou Guerin
Extra Outfits & Shoes - Kmrii
Extra Outfits - Shoki

Location: Taman Festival Park, Sanur, Bali.


Marble Cave inspiration for Psylo Summer 2017 collection inspired by cave art Psylo Premiere: Summer 2017 Concept Photoshoot


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