What to Wear to an Alternative Wedding: Stylish and Creative Outfit Ideas

What to Wear to an Alternative Wedding: Stylish & Creative Outfit Ideas

Weddings are a celebration of love and individuality, and alternative weddings take this to a whole new level. Whether the couple is planning a bohemian beach ceremony, a gothic affair in a historic mansion, or a quirky festival-style gathering, an alternative wedding calls for unique and stylish attire. Here are some creative outfit ideas to ensure you look fabulous and fitting for the occasion.


1. Bohemian Elegance

For a boho-themed wedding, think free-spirited and relaxed. Opt for flowy maxi dresses, kaftans or kimonos, or Aladdin & Harem Pants. Floral or tribal prints, lace details or embroidery, as well as earthy tones, are perfect. Complete the look with layered boho tribal jewellery, a flower crown, and strappy sandals or ankle boots. You can find more tips about footwear in our guide Where To Find Shoes in Psylo Style: 12 Footwear Brands You Need to Know.



2. Vintage Glam

Vintage weddings call for a touch of old-world charm. Channel the elegance of bygone eras with a tea-length dress, retro accessories, and classic heels. For men, a tweed suit, bow tie, and suspenders can add a vintage flair. Don’t forget to browse thrift stores for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces! Learn more about Vintage and Fashion-Forward: When Alternative Fashion Draws on the Past or Future.


3. Gothic Chic

Gothic weddings are all about drama and sophistication. Embrace dark, rich colours like deep purples, blacks, and burgundies. Velvet and lace fabrics add an air of mystery. Women might choose a dramatic black dress with intricate details, while men can opt for a tailored black suit with a hint of Victorian inspiration, like a velvet vest or a cravat.



4. Festival Fun

If the wedding has a festival vibe, think colourful and playful. Mix and match patterns, and don’t shy away from bold colours. Comfortable yet stylish is key, so consider maxi skirts, crop tops, and bohemian kimonos. For men, a relaxed linen shirt like our 'Taiji' Short Sleeves, paired with chinos or even stylish shorts works well. Accessories like wide-brimmed hats, statement necklaces, and funky sunglasses add the perfect finishing touch.



5. Steampunk Style

Steampunk weddings combine Victorian aesthetics with industrial elements. Look for clothing with a mix of lace, faux/leather, and metal accents. Corsets, high-collared blouses, and tailored jackets are great for women. Men can opt for waistcoats, pocket watches, and top hats. Goggles and gear accessories add an authentic steampunk touch. Read more in our Steampunk Fashion Guide for Men and Women.


6. Rock ‘n’ Roll Edge

If the couple loves rock music, their wedding might reflect a rock ‘n’ roll theme. Embrace your inner rockstar with leather jackets, studded wristbands or belts, and bold makeup. A little black dress with edgy accessories can work wonders for women, while men might consider a sharp suit paired with a graphic tee and combat boots. Or an avant-garde top matched with a pair of skinny trousers, like our Groovy Pants.



Alternative Wedding Outfits Ideas

Linen Clothing - What to Wear to an Alternative Wedding: Stylish and Creative Outfit Ideas Groovy Pants - Psylo Fashion

Above: alternative wedding outfits, for her the Medusa Asymmetric Dress and Patchwork Gloves, for him the Spirit Sleeveless Hoodie Tee, Taiji Striped Shacket and Taiji Striped ¾ Pants for him, and the Blended Sleeveless Tee and Groovy Pants in a classic rock 'n roll outfit that is cool yet smart.


Le Skirt Rmx - Psylo Fashion Alternative wedding outfits: smart and edgy T-shirts for men by Psylo

Above: the Long Neck Top, paired with our Le Skirt for the perfect alternative bride outfit, and the Vipa Hoodie Tee and Sus Tee as examples for our smart yet edgy T-shirts.


Linen Clothing - What to Wear to an Alternative Wedding: Stylish and Creative Outfit Ideas Linen-Cotton 'Tribal' Shirt by Shokraneh

Above: boho-chic wedding looks, for her the Sorcerer Hooded Maxi Dress and Adinkra Gloves, for him the Tyr Rmx Shirt, Taiji Striped Shacket and Shaolin Pants, and the Tribal Shirt for both.


Beach alternative wedding outfits - Psylo Fashion Long Neck Top Long Sleeves - Psylo Fashion

Above: alternative beach wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand wearing full Psylo looks; sleeveless shirt and Ottoman Pants for him, and an asymmetric top and long Skirt paired with the Roach Belt for her, and the Long Neck Top in white which works perfectly for an alternative bride outfit, and in other colours for the gothic-style guest.


Final Tips

  • Check the invite
    Pay attention to any dress code hints on the invitation. The couple might provide guidance on what to wear.
  • Comfort is key
    No matter how stylish your outfit is, make sure it’s comfortable enough for a full day of celebration.
  • Express yourself
    Alternative weddings are the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal style and have fun with your outfit.

Embrace the theme, get creative, and enjoy celebrating love in a unique and memorable way!


Happy Psylo customer in alternative wedding outfit

Above: images by Andi @activecherry “★★★★★ Bought the skirt and vest and wore to my wedding. I got so many compliments on its unique design and beauty. It was a super hot day so the design was perfect. Airy and light and super comfortable.”

* Banner image: a Burning Man wedding, taken in 2015 by Max Talbot-Minkin via Flickr.

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