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In the ever-evolving world of fashion, our wardrobe choices extend far beyond the basic act of getting dressed. Fashion, in its essence, becomes a vessel that allows us to transcend the constraints of time, inviting us to go on a journey through distant eras, both real and imagined. The clothes we choose to wear are not just fabric and threads; they are portals that transport us, with each outfit, to a different moment in history or a speculative future.

So, let us embark on this journey through the folds of time, where clothing isn't just a practical necessity but a form of time travel—a medium through which we express our individuality, experiment with our identities, and, in the process, traverse the intricate pathways of history and the uncharted territories of the future. Welcome to the timeless voyage of vintage fashion and future styles, where every outfit tells a story and choosing your clothes becomes a beautiful odyssey through the ages of human imagination.


Past-Inspired Fashion

Fashion has long served as a canvas for storytelling, allowing individuals to transcend time and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of history. Looking at the past for inspiration, we rise above fleeting trends and cultivate the essence of style and culture.


Ancient Style & Elegance

In the world of fashion, ancient civilizations serve as a wellspring of inspiration, offering a glimpse into bygone eras characterised by grandeur and elegance. Designers often draw upon the rich visual heritage of cultures such as ancient Persia, Greece, Rome, or even prehistoric times, infusing their creations with echoes of antiquity.


a women's outfit inspired by ancient art and culture

Image above: a look inspired by ancient art and culture - our Hua Bra Top is adorned with a texture pattern print inspired by prehistoric Cave art. While the Harem Skirt Pants are inspired by the wide-leg trousers that you may find under various names across cultures.


Garments adorned with intricate patterns, reminiscent of those found in archaeological artefacts, transport wearers to former times. While flowing silhouettes and luxurious fabrics pay homage to the craftsmanship and artistry of ancient artisans, breathing new life into age-old aesthetics. From draped togas to embellished tunics to harem or Aladdin pants, fashion enthusiasts embrace the timeless allure of ancient elegance, embracing a style that transcends temporal boundaries.


Tribal Wear & Cultural Threads

Fashion is a universal language, weaving together threads of cultural heritage and tradition from around the globe. Inspired by the attire of Japanese workmen or the vibrant textiles of Indonesian Batik and traditional handweaved patterns like Ikat, designers celebrate the diversity of human expression through clothing.


'Big Bear' Tribal Kimono by Shokraneh

Image above: infusing tribal traditions into one outfit, Shokranh’s Big Bear Kimono combines traditional Japanese silhouettes with beautiful Arabic calligraphy.


Traditional garments, reimagined for the modern era, serve as a bridge between past and present, honouring ancestral roots while embracing contemporary sensibilities. While legends, stories and mythology inspire fresh patterns that carry their symbology. Like Runes symbolism and Nord mythology, or legends like the ‘13 Skulls’. Whether it's the clean lines of a kimono-inspired jacket or the intricate beadwork of indigenous attire, cultural influences enrich the fashion landscape with their distinct colours, textures, and motifs. By incorporating elements of traditional wear into their designs, fashion creators pay homage to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of generations past, fostering a deeper appreciation for the cultural tapestry that shapes our collective identity.


Nostalgic Fashion

Nostalgia has a powerful allure, beckoning us to revisit the fashions of yesteryear and relive the magic of bygone decades. From the steampunk or gothic fashion of the Victorian era to the free-spirited bohemian chic of the 70s, retro styles evoke a sense of nostalgia for better times. More than a trend, fashionistas embrace vintage clothing as a form of self-expression, infusing their wardrobes with pieces that speak to their personal style and individuality. Whether scouring thrift stores for one-of-a-kind finds or investing in meticulously crafted reproductions, enthusiasts of retro fashion celebrate the enduring appeal of timeless classics.


Gothic outfit - @catinawitchhat Alice Trelaor X Psylo collabortion

Inspired by the 19th-century Victorian era, the goth style has been evolving over the years. Image above: Alice aka @catinawitchhat in a Psylo gothic look.


In a world where trends come and go, nostalgia offers a comforting refuge, reminding us of cherished memories and timeless aesthetics. By embracing the nostalgia of the past, vintage fashion enthusiasts carve out a space for themselves in a rapidly evolving world, where the past serves as a source of inspiration and a beacon of authenticity.


Future-Inspired Fashion

As fashion continues to evolve, designers and enthusiasts alike look to the uncharted realms of the future for inspiration, exploring speculative worlds and technological frontiers. From dystopian cyberpunk landscapes to fantastical sci-fi realms, the allure of the unknown shapes the avant-garde aesthetics of tomorrow.


Cyberpunk Chic

Step into the neon-lit streets of a dystopian metropolis, where technology and rebellion converge in a symphony of style known as cyberpunk. Inspired by the visionary works of authors like William Gibson and Bruce Sterling, cyberpunk fashion embodies a gritty, high-tech aesthetic that blurs the lines between man and machine.


Cyberpunk clothing by Psylo

Image above: Psylo-style cyberpunk clothing.


Clothing adorned with circuitry motifs, reflective surfaces, and industrial accents evoke a sense of urban decay and technological excess. From sleek leather jackets to augmented reality accessories, cyberpunk chic celebrates the fusion of fashion and futurism, offering a glimpse into a world where the boundaries between reality and virtuality dissolve. Enthusiasts of cyberpunk clothing embrace a DIY ethos, repurposing everyday objects and incorporating wearable tech into their ensembles to create a look that is as functional as it is fashionable. With its rebellious spirit and avant-garde sensibility, cyberpunk style continues to inspire designers and creatives to push the boundaries of what is possible in the ever-evolving landscape of fashion.


Sci-Fi Clothing

Venture beyond the confines of our world and into the boundless realms of science fiction, where imagination knows no bounds and the possibilities are limited only by the depths of the human mind. From the sweeping deserts of Arrakis to the bustling streets of futuristic megacities, sci-fi literature and film serve as a wellspring of inspiration for fashion designers seeking to explore new horizons.

The desert punk style, inspired by Frank Herbert's epic 'Dune', blends elements of rugged survivalism with futuristic flair, featuring flowing robes, intricate desert motifs, and weathered textures that evoke the harsh beauty of a distant planet. Meanwhile, otherworldly ensembles draw inspiration from space exploration, featuring metallic fabrics, iridescent hues, and avant-garde silhouettes that capture the spirit of cosmic adventure.


Dune outfits by Psylo Fashion

Image above: snap from our Desert Punk lookbooks series


In the realm of sci-fi fashion, imagination reigns supreme, offering designers and enthusiasts the opportunity to transcend the limits of earthly conventions and explore the infinite possibilities of the cosmos. Whether channelling the spirit of a galactic explorer or embracing the mystique of an alien civilization, sci-fi fantasia invites us to dream of worlds beyond our own and embrace the unknown with open arms.


A man wearing body adornments inspired by Sci-Fi Fantasia

Science fiction fantasy inspires us to dream beyond our reality and welcome the mysteries of the unfamiliar with open hearts. Image above: the Intergalactic Warrior Maxi Hoops Earrings, Intergalactic Warrior Necklace, Intergalactic Warrior Cuff Bracelet and Mini Nail Rings by Costume Therapy.


Technological Threads

The future of fashion is intertwined with the relentless march of technological progress, as designers harness the power of innovation to redefine the very fabric of clothing itself. From smart textiles that adapt to environmental conditions to 3D-printed garments crafted with precision and care, the intersection of fashion and technology opens up a world of possibilities limited only by our imagination.

Wearable tech, once confined to science fiction literature, has become a reality, with garments and accessories equipped with sensors, LEDs, and interactive elements that blur the line between fashion and functionality. From fitness trackers woven seamlessly into athletic wear to garments that change colour in response to the wearer's mood, technological threads offer a glimpse into a future where clothing becomes an extension of the self.

As designers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with futuristic materials and cutting-edge technologies, the line between fashion and innovation continues to blur, paving the way for a new era of sartorial expression. In the age of technological revolution, fashion becomes more than just clothing—it becomes a canvas for creativity, innovation, and self-expression in a world where the possibilities are limited only by our imagination.


Rebelling for Alternative Fashion

In the dynamic field of fashion, the past and future intertwine, offering endless inspiration and avenues for self-expression. Rising above trends, fashion-forward and vintage outfits are promoting ethical values against the consumerism of fast fashion. By pushing these boundaries, we are released from conventional norms. Whether drawing from the elegance of ancient civilizations or envisioning the possibilities of tomorrow, alternative fashion transcends temporal boundaries, inviting us to embark on a journey of creativity and imagination. Designers are then free to express a unique style: using ancient patterns and shapes, shaping garments asymmetrically, with unconventional cuts, unstitched hems, uncovered zippers and more. By embracing the timeless allure of vintage styles and the avant-garde visions of tomorrow, we weave together threads of history and innovation, crafting a wardrobe that reflects our unique narrative and celebrates the endless possibilities of your free self-expression.


You are invited to explore our collection to find your unique timeless style:

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Banner image: from our winter 2015/16 campaign - Papaya lookbook

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