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8 Dark-style Streetwear for This Season

With the autumn Equinox just passing, and Halloween around the corner - some call this part of the year’s cycle ‘Time of The Witches’. Great timing for embracing the darker side of Psylo, and celebrating our current dark-style, rock outfits and gothic-inspired looks - in this special style edit.

Same as “Rock is not just noise!”, Psylo wear is not just clothing. It’s just one of the aspects making our alternative clothing popular among rock-metal-dark lovers. Our avant-garde cuts, raw and “unfinished” look of hems, and metal studs detailing - all create a rough-yet-smart style to express your rebel spirit through what you wear. This connection can also be seen through some of our past collaborations with bands such as Dragonforce, with their power-metal vibes. Or electronic-metal bands Season of Ghosts and Temperance. With Psylo’s ethical streetwear being loved by rebels at-heart, our "darker" line runs through each of the yearly collections.

Before diving into introducing you with our top dark styles for this season, it’s important to talk about a subject close to our heart - the Black colour. This time of year in the northern hemisphere, the days are getting shorter, and we’re experiencing less light. For us here at Psylo - it feels like the perfect excuse to wear black, one of our favourite colours! It complements pretty much all skin and hair colours. Black also gives every outfit a classic, stylish look. Which is why you’ll find black the dominant colour in this style edit. Black-lovers, you’re in for a treat!

Dark-style Top of the Season

Our U.D. Tee, with it’s button-up on the hem, instead of the collar - is the Antichrist of a tailored T-shirt. It's name stands for "Upside-Down" T-shirt. Made with our soft fabric of sustainable bamboo and organic cotton, it’s easy-going and smart at the same time. An alternative streetwear for your subtle rebel look.

U.D. Tee

New Fave Dark Style

The Stellar RMX Skirt is one of our faves' new styles and is perfect for the season. It can be worn by itself, or on top of leggings for colder times. This long skirt is made from organic cotton lycra, is soft and figure-hugging. The all-over ‘smokey’ print design making it ideal for your witchy look.

Stellar RMX long skirt

Dark Style & The Art of Layering

When the temperatures are going down it’s the perfect timing to enjoy the playful art of layering. Too hot - take it off. Too cold - put it on. Plus an almost endless number of combinations and ways to wear and style your look, by using layers of clothing and various accessories. Which is why we bring here our faves styles AND best current matches - to help you style your best outfit. Here are top style matches, for these changing of seasons:

Dark Style Match #1

One of layering's greatest advantages is that it enables you getting the max out of your wardrobe, all year round. In this first dark-style combo, the see-through layers of the Sin Singlet are long enough to be seen. Even when adding the Missi Vest on top for extra warmth and style.

Psylo Fashion sin see-through singlet ethical streetwear + psylo fashion dark style streetwear for women missi vest

Dark Style Match #2

In this style match - the renegade look of the Off Vest is complemented by the tribal Mask hoodie Sleeveless. Creating a unique tribal-dark style streetwear look. Plus, the hood and the patchwork pattern will still be visible with the vest on top!

psylo fashion Off Vest asymmetric jacket streetwear for men + Psylo Fashion mask sleeveless hoodie for men ethical streetwear dark-style

Dark Style Match #3

Our last, and far from least, dark-style match is this fierce look; the edgy Solo Crop Top for showing off your body. And the Pound Jacket for keeping it warm. All in a dark-style which is bold and edgy. Not for the faint hearted ;)

psylo fashion gothic-inspired streetwear jacket for women + Psylo fashion solo bra crop top alternative streetwear for women

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