WGT 2020 & Psylo’s Gothic Style Streetwear

WGT 2020 & Psylo’s Gothic Style Streetwear

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Goth Style by Psylo & Our Wave Gotik Treffen Love Story

Embracing The Dark Side Summer 2020 Edition

True to Psylo's festivals origin, for the past 10 years we have been actively participating in the biggest gothic event in the world - Wave Gotik Treffen. Like every year, we were very much looking forward to enjoying Wave Gotik Treffen 2020 this weekend. Bringing Psylo’s darker looks to our loyal WGT fans - has been one of the highlights of our summers! While we’re waiting for better days to come, and keep anticipating WGT 2021 - we take this moment in time to share a few words and give a big salute to our gothic family.

friends at Psylo Fashion festivals stall at Wave Gotik Treffen 2019 Image: Psylo Fashion festivals stall at Wave Gotik Treffen 2019 

Back in 1999, Psylo launched its 1st alternative streetwear collection in the underground festivals scene. Over the years, the label matured and evolved to cater for the needs of a wider spectrum of rebels; from urban peace warriors, to hippies at heart, gypsies and digital nomads, and all the way to Punks, Metalheads and Goths.

Yup, that’s right. What could be seen by outsiders as unique subcultures, each with their own styles and values - here at Psylo is brought together to become one. With Psylo’s design team drawing inspirations from this wide spectrum of alternative cultures. Creating a balanced combination of contrasting styles to create something fresh. Being on this edge - it’s one of the things making the Psylo style whole… And it’s how the Psylo style transcends boundaries, and unites all those rebelling against the mainstream.

It feels important to mention also the deeper connection we have with our WGT family. It is also what is making our alternative streetwear stand out in the Gothic scene. In the sea of leather corsets, nylon gothic dresses and polyester outfits - Psylo is offering a more sustainable alternative. Because many of our clothing and accessories do carry gothic influences, but are created using natural or organic materials. Making Psylo a favourite choice among eco-conscious Goths, and beyond.

Psylo Fashion ethical alternative streetwear collaboration with Alice Treloar catinawitchhat

Image: by Alice Treloar aka Catinawitchhat collaboration with Psylo

Another point which our customers always mention - is that their lives do not stop at WGT. We all need to deal with daily life's reality and responsibilities (work, family) sooner or later. As you can imagine - wearing a corset to the office is mostly out of the question. So for anyone who likes to continue dressing in their unique style, everyday - Psylo’s alternative clothing is a good answer! Moreover, wearing Psylo’s “toned-down” Gothic streetwear offers the opportunity to be associated with who you really are also in daily life, while staying approachable by others.

Over the years, Psylo collaborated with several gothic bands whom you can catch headlining WGT. Musicians such as Tristania, Chemical Sweet Kid, Season of Ghosts, and Temperance. These are some of the talented groups that have been bringing their unique sounds from the darker side while wearing Psylo on stage. 

Psylo fashion collaboration with melodic metal band TemperanceImage: Temperance on stage wearing Psylo Fashion.

With Psylo’s ethical streetwear being loved by rebels at-heart, Psylo's "darker" line runs through each of our yearly collections. Psylo’s darker style doesn’t mean going for the black colour only (although this colour obviously plays a central role!). This line carries some more specific themes, which we want to share with you today;

Let The Fabric Do The Talk #1

The first characteristic of Psylo’s Alt-Goth styles is having no print or small print. Although Psylo’s tribal artworks prints are one of the signatures of our Ethno-Punk style, in each collection our designers love to create styles without any prints, or with small printed details. Apart from resulting in a somewhat more “classic” look, this frees the garments to be treated with alternative methods to bring you a unique look.

Which takes us to the next dark signature -

Let The Fabric Do The Talk #2 

Using panel-work sewing is another technique used at Psylo to create avant-garde cuts and look. This intricate style of assembling the clothing requires extra attention and manual work to create clothing with that special Psylo twist. The one that makes even our most basic Tee stand out! Panelling creates unique cuts and adds subtle details to the design. This signature can be seen throughout Psylo’s darker line and our more urban wear styles.

#3 Raw 

Another Psylo signature and a central motif in our darker line is the raw and “unfinished” look of hems. Again, these subtle details are great in adding character to the clothing, and perfectly fit Psylo rebels’ “rough-yet-smart” styles.  

...Whatever type of rebel you are -
we invite you to explore this darker side of Psylo,
and join our loyal renegades;
Darkside for Her Darkside for Him
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