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20 years of psylo fashion.

All the collections that have made the history of our brand. Select a year, click and visit the collection.
• 2001 - 2008•
Over the years our streetwear collections have been evolving in terms of style, and materials. Moving to use more natural, organic or upcycled materials whenever and wherever we can. There are 3 special styles which withstood any and all changing trends. These “bullet-proof” designs are the essence of Psylo and the symbols for our slow-fashion practices. Functional, comfortable wear - designed for expressing your style with minimum effort
• 2009 •
On a personal level 2009 was the happiest for Psylo’s design duo, Shoki and Ami. The fountain of creativity flowing that year gave birth to two beautiful kids, and also created 18 of our BEST streetwear designs. Which over the years became signatures of Psylo’s ethical fashion. A timeless collection, like love and good wine - just gets better and better.
• 2010 •
Psylo’s collaboration with tattoo artist Mahyer Traveler started from our friendship. Over the years, Psylo commissioned Mahyer to design our creative director’s body art, as well as unique tattoo-style prints to decorate our alternative clothing. One of the most iconic fruits of our collaboration with Mahyer is part of this 2010 streetwear collection
• 2011 •
Among the other signature streetwear styles we’ve been happily creating, and you stylishly wearing since 2011 - it’s worth mentioning our Peca style. Part of our ever-evolving ethical fashion collection, we constantly improve our practices to be more sustainable. By up-cycling our fabric scraps - we create this unique patchwork.
• 2012 •
Psylo’s 2012 streetwear collection marked the release of our first children’s clothes release. Produced as small-batch limited edition - meaning these toddler and kids’ wear are almost as unique as your child! Like the 3 special styles for adults from this year, all designs Infuse a strong essence of various Ethnic elements from different cultures, with a hint of bold, edgy, rebel and punk elements.
• 2013 •
Our 2013 ethical fashion collection is full with favourite festival styles. Timeless designs with a hint of tribal and psy clothing influences - for your festival look. These signature essentials became an inseparable part of Psylo’s streetwear ongoing collection. Comfortable, functional clothing for expressing your unique style.
• 2014 •
The role of art as a sacred bridge between the visionary realm of imagination and dreams, and the outer, physical world - have always been part of the spirit of Psylo. To realize our 2014 streetwear collection, our creative team collaborated with visionary artist, Luke Brown. An intrepid explorer - his art speaks of the spiritual mysteries in the human imagination. This streetwear collection includes our second release of chlidrens’ wear.
• 2015 •
Psylo’s 2015 ethical fashion edition is an ode to European styles; Victorian, Goth, Baroque, Romantic, Art Nouveau & Classical periods, depicted through printed artwork, as well as full textured fabrics and discharged effects- adding vintage feeling. Our knick for chaos theory is manifested in asymmetry, rough edges, unfinished stitching strategically placed, while some strategically scattered – just­ like how art works across Europe are displayed.
• 2016 •
Psylo’s design team’s fascination with Alchemy & Astrology brought mystic and wonder to our daily lives. While the 13 Crystal Skulls is one of very few legends crossing over cultures & time. According to prophecy, at a pivotal time in humanity’s history - the lost Skulls will be reunited, awakening a new paradigm & restoring balance. Both themes captivated the heart of our creative team, becoming inspirations for this streetwear collection
• 2017 •
Exploring history through art has always been a source of inspiration for Psylo’s ethical fashion. Enchanted by the mysterious Rock Art, found all around the world - more than inspiration for our 2017 streetwear collection - it became a channel into ancient knowledge and collective consciousness. While Zen philosophy and symbolism - as reminders to Be In The Now and deepen your connection & respect to nature.
• 2018 •
Like other ancient languages, each Rune was a pictograph of a cosmological concept and had power, or energy, in them. Writing or speaking a Rune with the correct intention was to invoke and to direct the magical element of that symbol. Inspired by Runes & Norse mythology, our 2018 collection is designed to inspire using your word as a strong and immutable force, capable of creating or destroying one s reality.
• 2019 •
For Psylo’s 2019 streetwear collection our design team revisited the best styles, to create updated variations of favorite cuts. Alongside, new styles or detailing - inspired by African Art traditions, complemented this bold ethical fashion line. Full of attitude and style, discover this Tribal Punk collection - not for the faint hearted!
• 20th Anniversary •
Discover Psylo’s 2020 streetwear collection, celebrating 20 years on Bali - The Island of the Gods. The island’s natural beauty, strong traditions of Art & Crafts, combined with rich cultures, enchanting temples and daily spiritual rituals - have all been ongoing sources of inspiration for our creative team. Our 20th anniversary collection, in collaboration with street artist Evgany BAM - is an homage to this mystical island.
• 2021 •
The 2021 collection is about ease of movement. Focusing on Psylo’s aspect of being active as part of living healthy lifestyles , it is dedicated to those evolving through a discipline and philosophy of body awareness, embodied knowledge, and meditative therapy. Designed as active streetwear particularly useful for those who practice movement throughout their day, and like to look stylish in-between.
• 2022 •
For the 2022 collection, our design team followed Slow Fashion to revisit the Psylo hall of fame. Handpicking the best of all times, our designers re:imagined signature styles. Updating fabrics, cuts or handcrafted detailing to give these favourites a fresh boost, while staying true to the original. Designed to make you feel empowered, this collection is guaranteed to elevate your look.
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